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Director recruitment

West Moreton Hospital and Health Service - Shape our Future

  • Divisional Directors - application closed
  • Divisional Directors (Medical Practitioner) - application closed
  • Divisional Clinical Director - application closed
  • Operations Manager (Business and Performance Director) - application closed

With a 157 year history of providing the highest quality health care to our region, Ipswich Hospital is the largest facility within the West Moreton Hospital and Health Service (WMHHS). The hospital has 351 beds with specialties including anaesthetics, emergency, medicine, surgery, intensive and coronary care, orthopaedics, obstetrics, paediatrics, palliative care, rehabilitation, mental health and allied health services.

As part of the WMHHS service delivery arm led by the Executive Director Ipswich Hospital, the service is made up of four divisions including, Medicine, Surgery and Perioperative, Women, Children and Family, and Clinical Support. View the WMHHS organisational structure and our Ipswich Hospital Divisional structure.

Each division is led by a Divisional Director with single point accountability, supported by a leadership team.

For the Divisions of Medicine (including emergency), Surgery and Perioperative and Women, Children and Family, the leadership team will always include a medical and nursing professional, alongside general management expertise. Depending on the professional alignment of the appointed Divisional Director, the Divisional leadership team will comprise a Nurse Director (NG10), Divisional Clinical Director (medical) and / or Business and Performance Director (AO8), reporting to the Divisional Director.

For example, should the Divisional Director in Division of Medicine be a medical professional, the leadership team will comprise a Nurse Director and Business and Performance Director. Alternatively, if the Divisional Director is a general manager (DSO), the leadership team will comprise a Nurse Director and Divisional Clinical Director.

For the Division of Clinical Support, the  the appointed Divisional Director is a nurse and the Divisional leadership team will comprise an  Allied Health Director (HP) and a Business and Performance Director (AO8), reporting to the Divisional Director.

Medical appointments to the Divisional Director role will be 80% leadership, 20% clinical, for a defined period of up to two years. Appointments to the Divisional Clinical Director will be 50% leadership, 50% clinical, for a defined period of up to two years. This will enable our medical staff to gain leadership experience without sacrificing other medical opportunities.

This triumvirate leadership structure provides a single point of accountability for the Division and improves collaborative decision making with clinicians, placing the patient at the heart of operational decision making.

Divisional Director

The Divisional Director is the single point of accountability for the Division, reporting to the Executive Director Ipswich Hospital. The Divisional Director provides strategic and operational leadership to enable the provision of high quality care to our patients. The Divisional Director ensures deliverables are achieved in accordance with the Service Agreement with the Department of Health and West Moreton's strategic direction. Utilising the expertise of the contemporary management practices across the divisional leadership team within a collaborative leadership framework, the Divisional Director plans and manages service delivery to the highest possible safety and quality standards. Depending on the profession of the post holder, the Divisional Director is also operationally responsible for the leadership of the relevant profession (i.e. doctors, nurses, allied health professionals or general management/administrative functions).

Divisional Clinical Director / Nurse Director / Allied Health Director

Reporting operationally to the Divisional Director and professionally to the relevant Executive Director / Director, this role is a member of the divisional leadership team and leads the relevant professions within the Division, manages clinical quality practice standards and ensures the delivery of high quality patient care aligned with West Moreton's strategic direction. The role will be responsible for shaping service delivery through leading service quality and improvement activities. This role will work closely with colleagues across the Divisions of Ipswich Hospital, Rural and Community and Mental Health to optimise resources, share innovation and to ensure consistent clinical practices across the Health Service.

Business and Performance Director

Reporting to the Divisional Director, the Business and Performance Director is the conduit that brings the operational business and clinical elements of the Division together to ensure the provision of high quality patient care and achievement of agreed key performance indicators. This role supports the Divisional Director to translate strategic direction into operational deliverables. It leads on the coordination, implementation and evaluation of multiple business and service improvement projects across the Division and ensures effective governance systems are in place. This role is responsible for the effective management of significant contracts and service level agreements within the Division and manages non-clinical services and staff.

Last updated: Friday, July 21, 2017