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Refer your patient



West Moreton Hospital and Healthcare Service is committed to improving our referral process. Healthcare Pathways are currently being developed to guide the patient journey, and ensure that patients receive the right referral, at the right time, with appropriate preparation for the first consultation.

Minimum referral requirements

To provide the best possible outcomes for patients please include as much relevant information as possible about your patient’s condition, this will optimise the triage process and ensure timely appointment scheduling based on clinical need  e.g. diagnosis, duration, severity and impact.

Additional referral requirements

Individual specialties require additional information to assist with assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Please ensure you check the information contained under the relevant Outpatient Specialty below.

Bulk billing

Named referrals may be shared with other specialists and the outpatient consultation costs may be bulk billed to Medicare with no out of pocket cost to the patient. Please indicate on your referral if your patient does not want the option of a private consultation and wishes to be seen as a public patient only.

What the patient must bring to Specialist Outpatient Department

If a patient is referred to a Specialist Outpatient Department they must bring:

  • Their appointment letter,
  • Any test results, medical reports or scans,
  • A list of current medications,
  • Medicare Card,
  • Any concession cards (eg Pension, Health Care, DVA, PBS Safety Net, ADF, etc)

Electronic referrals

With most practices across our region now having the capability of sending referrals electronically the development of referral templates will reduce the administrative load practices currently experience in sending referrals manually as well as assisting patients to be allocated appointments quicker.

For practices that are not ready at this stage to progress with the electronic templates, the same templates can be imported in the clinical software and utilised as they replace already existing referral templates available. They will require printing out and sending manually.

Referral templates are available on each of the Outpatient Speciality pages.

Referral form

Where to send your referral

A written referral may be in the form of a letter, facsimile or other electronic medium. Electronic referrals should be received via a Secure Web Transfer (SWT). All referrals must be signed by the referring practitioner and for the purpose of the electronic signature a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) constitutes as a signature.

Electronic Transfer: eReferral templates are available from on each of the speciality pages above. Please download the relevant template to your practice management software then submit the completed eReferral through your messaging agent.

Last updated: Wednesday, May 23, 2018