MeCare Program

MeCare is one of our programs built in partnership with Philips Healthcare to provide specialised support for people with challenging health issues and circumstances. The name stands for ‘Mobile enabled’ Care and this means care that is not just in the hospital/ health centre but wherever you are.

The program is delivered by a team of health professionals including Doctors, Nursing and other health professionals. The team works closely with your General Practitioner and other care providers to ensure that a wide range of health factors are monitored and enable you to make decisions in managing your response to changes in your health condition.

This is achieved through setting goals with you and planning a range of education and support activities. This will, at times, be delivered via easy to use health monitoring devices and technology. This will give you a relationship with your team that has not been possible before and will contribute greatly to the management of your health.

Overall, the aim of the program is to help you stay as happy and healthy as you can. This means the best chance of enjoying the important things in life.

My role as a patient

The program will be customised to your health needs in the plan. In general, your participation will include taking some measurements using the equipment provided on a daily basis. These will be automatically transferred to your care team and multiple things could happen from this point including;

  • nothing required further of you that day
  • receiving a call from the care team to discuss how you are going or
  • a home visit from your personal health coach.

The team will also make contact with you on a regular basis via video-conference to support you and may visit you from time to time in person as required.

Frequently asked questions

Is the equipment expensive?

It is provided for use at no cost to you.

Is the equipment hard to use?

We have worked with consumers and Philips to develop the equipment to be simple to use. Generally, if you are able to use an ATM to withdraw money, you should have no trouble using the equipment.

Is my GP aware of the program and confident that it is worthwhile for me?

Generally your GP will be aware and agree with your involvement in this program. We will discuss this further with you.

What happens after hours?

Your care team will work with you and your GP to develop a response plan for changes in your health condition for all hours. This will be customised for you and your situation.

How long does MeCare last?

We are committed to doing the best for its patients and as such, we are so confident that this will improve your health that there is no limit to the length of time in the program.

What if I want to leave the program?

You are always entitled to make decisions about your care. If you no longer wish to participate in the program it will not affect ongoing care by us. We will arrange for someone to pick up the equipment and assist your transition back to other services.

Contact us

For any questions call us on 1300 MeCare (1300 632 273), or email us at