For GPs only - Referrals to COVID Clinics

Location: Ipswich Hospital Fever Clinic, Court Street, Ipswich

Open: 8.30 am – 4 pm, seven days a week (subject to change).

Appointments: No appointment is required. Patients will be seen in order of arrival. Patients who do not meet the current testing criteria (see below) will not be tested.


    During the clinic’s hours of operation, patients may present to the streaming nurse at the entrance to the Emergency Department and be directed to the clinic. Outside of those hours, patients who meet testing criteria will be tested in the Ipswich Hospital Emergency Department. Testing is also being conducted in the emergency departments at Boonah, Esk, Gatton and Laidley hospitals. Our rural hospitals can be contacted on:

    Boonah  Hospital (07) 5463 3300
    Esk Hospital (07) 5424 4600
    Gatton Hospital (07) 5468 4188
    Laidley Hospital (07) 5466 8100
    Managing severely ill patients



    If you or your staff assess a patient, either in person or through telehealth, who is severely unwell and has breathing difficulties, call QAS to transport the patient to Ipswich Hospital.

    Call the Ipswich Hospital Emergency Department triage nurse on
    3810 1227 to let them know you have a severely unwell patient with breathing difficulty and suspected COVID-19. Due to the volume of calls being received, ensure you:

    • state your name and role
    • state that you have a severely unwell patient with breathing difficulty and suspected COVID 19
    • state patient observations or other symptoms/signs of severe concern. The nurse will advise you on how to proceed.

    Patients referred to a PHN respiratory clinic MUST make an appointment first. Patients sent to a private pathology lab MUST have a request form.

    Target group

    Only patients with mild to moderate symptoms who meet the current criteria outlined in the latest Queensland Health Public Health Alert will be tested. 

    Please note: If your practice has the capacity, the equipment, the pathology referrals and the personal protective equipment (PPE) to assess and test patients who meet the criteria, please continue to do so either at your practice or via telehealth.