Consumer representatives sought for Consumer and Community Advisory Council

West Moreton Health (WMH) is establishing a Consumer and Community Advisory Council (CCAC) to provide strategic advice to WMH’s Board, executive and staff. 
A total of 15 representatives from a broad cross-section of health consumers and community representatives are being sought for this inaugural Council. 

What is the Advisory Council? 
Council representatives will help provide consumer and community advice on our health services with the West Moreton Board and Executive. Council would also advise on West Moreton Health’s strategic priorities, as set in our Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and work in partnership to deliver on strategic plan priorities.  
This partnership between consumers, community and the West Moreton Health leadership team is key to ensuring the health services we provide meet the needs of our community. The Council will also have the opportunity to actively collaborate with WMH on initiatives, and provide a conduit between the health service, consumers and the community. 

What is the structure of the Advisory Council? 
The Consumer and Community Advisory Council will consist of 15 consumer and community members, a Chair and an engagement support person (WMH Senior Engagement Officer). The Chair of the Council will be appointed through a voting process by the Council members. 
The first full Council will sit for 2 years. About half of the first-term members will retire at the end of the second year, and the rest of the first-term members will retire at the end of the third year. A staged recruitment process will ensure the Council retains experienced members to mentor new members. Thereafter, each new council member will serve a 2-year term. 

How often will council meet? 
The Council will meet quarterly each financial year with meeting dates set one year in advance. It is expected that Council members will attend each meeting. West Moreton Health will provide administrative support, including the management of the agenda and minutes for each meeting. 
The Council will meet with 2 West Moreton Health Executives and 2 Board members for a strategic health service update at the beginning of each meeting. This session will also be an opportunity for members to give feedback to leaders on priorities, opportunities, and challenges faced by the community. 
The second half of each meeting will be dedicated to collaborative action on strategic priorities. This session may be attended by a guest representative from various areas across the organisation. 

How will Council members be engaged as part of the Council? 
The Council will engage at various levels of the engagement spectrum. This may include the most basic form of engagement (to be provided with information) through to the most empowering form of engagement (co-design and consumer/community led).   

What is the commitment required by the consumer representative? 
Members are expected to participate in each quarterly meeting.  Quarterly meetings will be held face-to-face, providing it is safe to do so in a COVID-19 environment. Meeting locations will be decided at the first council meeting. 
Between meetings, they will connect with other Council members via a Microsoft Teams portal, which will be the main platform for discussion and information sharing. 
West Moreton Health has many channels of engagement with staff and the community. Council members may be required to participate in media opportunities, promotional activities, virtual staff forums and newsletters. 

How will Council members be remunerated for their time and contribution? 
Council members will be paid $150 per meeting, in accordance with the West Moreton Health Remuneration Procedure. It is expected that this remuneration would cover collaboration outside designated quarterly meetings as well as additional expenses, such as transport to meetings. 

What kind of Council members are we looking for? 
We strongly encourage people from a broad range of health interests and cultural, social and geographic backgrounds to express interest. 
Council members will be selected through an open expression of interest process. Expressions of interest will be assessed based on the following criteria: 

  • Representatives must reside in the West Moreton Health region or have a strong connection to the region.
  • Representatives must be interested in public health.
  • Experience of our services as a consumer, carer or support person is preferred.
  • Representatives should be able to demonstrate awareness of our health priorities as well as health issues in the community.
  • Connection with other consumer and community networks would be beneficial but is not a requirement.

How do I apply? 
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Consumer and Community Advisory Council, please complete the short expression of interest form and return this to by 5pm on Sunday, 14 November 2021. 
If you would like further information or assistance with the expression of interest form, contact West Moreton Health Senior Engagement Officer Trisha Hansen at or by phone on 0429 595 304.