How does COVID-19 affect my care?

Services affected by COVID-19 response

West Moreton Health is balancing the need to care for COVID-19 patients with the delivery of acute and emergency services as well as community services that help keep people well and out of hospital.

During the escalated response to Omicron, some services will be affected as staff respond to increasing COVID-positive cases in the community.

Non-urgent elective surgery

West Moreton Health continues to work with its private partners to provide Category 1, 2 and 3 elective surgeries for public patients.

All emergency and trauma surgery will proceed at Ipswich Hospital as normal.

Surgery capacity will continue to be reviewed with additional surgeries scheduled as possible.

Affected patients will be contacted directly.

Specialist Outpatient Department

The Specialist Outpatient Department (SOPD) at Ipswich Hospital has reduced some services and is contacting those patients to advise that their appointment has changed.

Otherwise, if you have a scheduled outpatient appointment and have not heard from us, you should attend this appointment. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 on the day of your appointment, or you have been directed to quarantine or isolate, please do not attend your in-person appointment. Please phone 3810 1217 to reschedule your appointment or email 

All patients and visitors entering West Moreton Health facilities must wear a mask, unless they have an exemption.

Last updated 15 August 2022

How will my pregnancy, birthing and baby be affected?

The number of supporters a woman can have in labour and at her ante- and post-natal appointments is subject to our current visitor policy.  

A support person can be any person providing care or support to a maternity patient. 

We understand you may be concerned about the safety of yourself and your baby. Please read the information below and know that our midwives are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions.

Phone the Maternity Day Assessment Unit midwife:

  • 6.30 am – 10.30 pm on (07) 3810 1564
  • 10.30 pm – 6.30 am on (07) 3810 1242

Queensland Health has an excellent article on Pregnancy, birth and feeding baby during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Free antenatal education is also available on the Queensland Health website. The modules include pregnancy, birth and labour, breastfeeding and postnatal care.

For more information about pregnancy and breastfeeding at this time, visit our maternity page or visit the Queensland Health website. For more general information about COVID-19, visit these pages.

How can I contact a midwife in an emergency?

Phone the Maternity Day Assessment Unit midwife from 6.30 am - 10.30 pm on (07) 3810 1564 and from 10.30 pm – 6.30 am on (07) 3810 1242.

The midwife will advise you when to come to hospital.

Is it safe to have my baby at Ipswich hospital?

Ipswich Hospital is a safe place for you and your newborn. Staff are very careful about cleaning, hand washing and using protective gear to keep you and your baby safe. 

Should I cancel my usual check-ups?

No. It is very important that you continue to have your antenatal appointments.

There are several ways to continue your regular check-ups.

Speak with a midwife at the hospital on (07) 3810 1242 – or at a community clinic on (07) 3810 1310 – to find out which type of appointment is best for you and your baby.

Can someone come with me to appointments?

See our current visitor policy.

Can I still have a support person during labour? 

See our current visitor policy.

Can I still have visitors after the birth of my baby?

See our current visitor policy.

We understand there may be situations that will need special consideration, so please speak with a staff member about your circumstances. 

What should I tell people wanting to visit me in hospital?

See our current visitor policy.

Can my family send flowers, balloons or gifts to me in hospital?

We strongly encourage all gifts and flowers to be sent to your home address. This will limit the activity at the hospital as well as ensure that you get to enjoy these in your home environment as we aim to have you home as soon as possible.

How will COVID-19 affect me?

It is expected that most pregnant women who get the virus will experience only mild or moderate cold/flu like symptoms. However, if you are also a smoker, have a heart or lung condition such as asthma, or other medical conditions, you may become more unwell than a pregnant woman who does not.  One of the symptoms of COVID-19 is fever. If you have a high fever at any stage of your pregnancy call your healthcare provider, midwife, or 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) as soon as possible.

How will COVID-19 affect my baby?

The risk of COVID-19 passing from mother to baby during pregnancy is thought to be low. So far, the virus has not been shown to pass from the mother to her baby before birth.

Is it safe to come to hospital?

See our current visitor policy.

Yes, it is safe for you and your birthing partner to come to hospital. Our birthing services, and special care nursery, will continue to be provided. To reduce the chance of you, your baby and the staff looking after you contracting COVID-19, our hospitals have changed the way care is provided in the below ways:

  • Providing care in the community rather than in the hospital
  • Offering care by telehealth, videoconference or phone
  • Limiting the number of support people and visitors coming into the hospital. Each hospital has different restrictions on visitors, talk to your midwife about your hospital’s visitor allowances.
  • Promoting hand hygiene, social distancing, and other infection control measures.

One of my family members has tested positive, what do I do now?

If you think you or a family member might have COVID-19, call your GP, 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or speak with your midwife. Our midwives are available 24 hours a day for ongoing support. If you are concerned about your wellbeing, or your baby’s, we encourage you to contact your midwife or doctor.

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