Cardiac imaging service opens at Ipswich Hospital

West Moreton Health has welcomed its first patients to its new Cardiac Catheter Laboratory at Ipswich Hospital.

The cath lab, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, gives West Moreton residents access to the gold standard in diagnostic imaging of the coronary arteries, which is particularly important for patients suffering heart attacks.

West Moreton Health Interventional Cardiologist Dr Yohan Chacko said the Ipswich area has the fourth highest rate in Australia for hospital admissions due to cardiac complaints.

“Smoking, diabetes, obesity and hypertension are common in our population, and all are risk factors for developing heart disease,” Dr Chacko said.

West Moreton Health Interim Chief Operating Officer Cang Dang said care closer to home delivered better health and social outcomes for the region’s population. 

“It means cardiac patients experiencing heart attack or cardiac chest pain will no longer have to travel to Brisbane or transfer to a private health facility for coronary angiograms,” Mr Dang said.

“They won’t join the list of Brisbane patients needing the same care so patients will spend less time in hospital.”

West Moreton Health Cardiology Clinical Lead Dr Johanne Neill said as a result, West Moreton patients would now be managed more quickly and closer to their home and support network.

“Cardiac patients will also have immediate access to West Moreton Health’s multidisciplinary team of health professionals, including pharmacy, allied health and cardiac rehabilitation, for follow-up care,” Dr Neill said.

“Our cardiac rehabilitation team works with patients through recovery and rehabilitation. This helps patients to understand and manage their medications, exercise and carry out more general activities with confidence.”