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Digital Health


Through digital technology, West Moreton Health will be transforming the way we deliver healthcare to the community we serve. A key component of this will be the introduction of the Integrated Electronic Medical Record (ieMR) as part of a broader roll-out across hospitals and health services in Queensland.

Integrated Electronic Medical Record (ieMR)

The ieMR creates a single patient health record, which can be securely accessed by all health staff involved in the care of a patient. This new technology and software promotes clinical collaboration between colleagues and partners across our services and region, and improves patient safety and coordination of care.

With each visit to the health service, a comprehensive medical picture can be built throughout the patient’s or consumers’ life, which can be used to support diagnosis and care. The new technology also means that staff can spend less time completing paperwork and more time with patients.


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An emergency department solution called FirstNet, which will replace EDIS.





Care Delivery

A suite of solutions, including structured clinical documentation, which will improve workflows across multiple clinical streams including ED, inpatient, at discharge and within our community services. This is PowerChart.


Medications Management

Enables electronic medications management which will replace the current medications chart and prescriptions. This is MARS.



Theatres and Anaesthetics

Integrated documentation and workflow for surgery, from scheduling through to post-op care, as well as a fully integrated anaesthetic management system. SurgiNet will replace ORMIS and SA Anaesthetics will replace AARK.

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A maternity solution which integrates key information into the patient records of mother and baby. This is CTG integration through the use of Fetalink.

Outpatients Scheduling

Enterprise Scheduling Management (ESM) is an appointment scheduling tool within the ieMR that will replace HBCIS appointments.

Clinical Trials and Research Support

Supports clinical trials and research studies by improving access to information.


Functionality also includes reporting, and audit, and
document scanning and downtime viewer.


Key dates

The ieMR will go live in November 2018.

A clinical approach for successful implementation

Multidisciplinary teams of clinical advisors, business experts and Support Crew are reviewing and validating the thinking, design and changes to ensure the ieMR solution is best configured for West Moreton’s needs.

Health staff will receive the information, training and support they need to work with the new digital systems, so from the go live in November, our staff will be ready, confident and proficient. The diagram below illustrates our staff’s training journey.

West Moreton Digital Health Training Journey


How we will support you 

West Moreton Health will be engaging with patients, carers and partners along the implementation. We will provide staff with training and education tailored to the needs of your work area. We look forward to sharing further information about these opportunities shortly.

My Health Record

QLD’s Health Record is a separate system that integrates to the Australian My Health Record, providing a holistic record for the patient between GP’s, community, and the acute health system.


Last updated: Sunday, March 18, 2018