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Patients and visitors

Welcome to West Moreton Hospital and Health Service

Coming to hospital can be an anxious time for patients, and for families and carers. We want to reassure you that we work hard to provide a safe, quality and reliable health service.

We aim to do what we can to make your time in our health care facilities as comfortable as possible.

Our staff are dedicated to providing high quality, safe care and are committed to treating each patient and visitor with respect and kindness.

Visiting Ipswich Hospital?

While you are visiting family or friends at Ipswich Hospital over the next few months you will notice we are making some changes.

This is to help West Moreton Health's shift to become a digital healthcare service which includes introducing integrated electronic medical records (ieMR) – a secure patient electronic medical record.

For this to happen, we first need to transform our hospital wards and administration areas with data cabling and other electronics.

This means we may need to temporarily move patients from one ward to another for a short period of time.

Ward moves will be for around seven days. Moving patients is important for their safety while work crews and electricians access wards.

Our focus is to provide all West Moreton Health inpatients, outpatients and day procedure patients with the safe, quality, effective care they require.

For their ease of visiting, family and friends attending the hospital are encouraged to check with hospital volunteers about what ward the patient they are visiting is in.

Volunteers can be found at the Chelmsford Avenue and East Street entrances and at various points throughout Ipswich Hospital.

We thank the community for its patience while we complete this work.

Patient information booklets

Below are a couple of Patient information booklets to help you familiarise yourself with what to expect when you visit our facilities:




Last updated: Friday, August 24, 2018