For clinicians and researchers

Through fostering a vibrant research culture, staff are supported and encouraged to explore their ideas to help shape the future of health care regionally and globally.

Are you conducting a research project in West Moreton?

The following figure describes the typical process of conducting research. The Centre for Research and Innovation can provide support and advice at any stage of this process.

Research project process


The first step in research is to identify the problem needing to be solved, the gap in the evidence, or the research question. It is essential to undertake a literature review to become familiar with the existing evidence. The West Moreton Health Libraries can assist with this process.


Once the research question is defined, the appropriate methodology to answer the question can be determined. The Centre for Research and Innovation can assist clinicians and researchers with this process. To request assistance from a senior researcher please email

West Moreton Health also provides access to a statistician which may be helpful in designing the project and data collection and analysis methods. To request statistical support, please email

The research process needs to be documented in a study protocol. The following templates may be useful.

Researchers are required to submit the study protocol with an ethics and governance application to conduct research involving staff or patients within West Moreton Health. This needs to be submitted through Ethical Review Manager (ERM).

Research grants can assist with staffing projects or resources required. The Centre for Research and Innovation are constantly updating the following Grants Calendar with open opportunities.


Researchers will need to submit a commencement form once the project has started and report annually to the Ethics and Governance Office regarding the status of the project.

It is essential to run a research project according to the protocol approved by the West Moreton Ethics and Governance team. It is also a requirement that a progress report is lodged annually, with a final report being lodged at the completion of the study to the Research Ethics and Governance Officer via ERM.

The following self-audit tool may be useful in ensuring all research processes are being followed in your project.

Data collection and data management can be challenging for novice researchers. The Centre for Research and Innovation are available to support this process. It may also be possible to find interested researchers or clinicians to support the project. Please email for assistance.

Interpret and share

Analysis and interpretation of study findings is an exciting process requiring skill and experience. The Centre for Research and Innovation can provide access to the following supports and resources

  • Statistical support
  • Research mentors
  • Research experts e.g. in qualitative analysis
  • Analysis tools and support e.g. SPSS
  • Assistance to write up a paper for publication or presentation

Please email if you would like assistance.

What guides research in West Moreton?

The West Moreton Health Research and Innovation Strategy 2015–20 focuses on supporting staff to actively improve the way we provide care to our community.

Over the past three years, this has led to staff focusing on priority areas for our demographic including chronic and preventable disease and its consequences, health promotion and prevention, service delivery improvement and mental health.