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connect respect excel

  • ValuesConnect means that we are part of the community, empathetic with consumers and each other.
  • Respect means that we are accepting, genuine and fair to one another.
  • Excel means that are innovative and work together, giving our best for all.

These values sustain our promise to our staff and the community that we are Caring Better Together.



Feedback from the community and staff

August 2020

“Special shout out to Ipswich hospital fever clinic yesterday. They were not expecting so many people and yes they had to send people away and ask them to come back tomorrow, but they were really doing their best. The hospital infectious disease CN offered water, juice, jelly, fruit and sandwiches to everyone in line before she left as she knew we had all been there since 2ish, she kept us informed throughout the day and updated us. She was honest about the wait time from the beginning, the nurses and AOs stayed over time as well. So thank you. They went above and beyond, like most nurses do.”

Errin, West Moreton Health consumer

August 2020

"We had an extremely busy day at fever clinic today with the line reaching out to Chelmsford Avenue, our community were in line for many hours and even after rationalising the queue and making plans for them to return in the morning or attending alternative clinics, we had to plan to keep clinic open till 9pm to meet the demand.

At 6pm tonight we had hungry children, pregnant ladies and diabetics in the queue for greater than 3 hours and expecting to be in line for a few more hours. We asked the kitchen if they had any spare sandwiches. A young food services man by the name of Dillan was very helpful and made some ham/cheese and vegemite sandwiches and jelly cups. This was very well received and appreciated.

After a very challenging day, the interaction with Dillan and his "can do" attitude was the highlight of my day.

Donna, West Moreton Health Acting Nursing Director

Equity framework

The new West Moreton Health equity framework, approved in March 2020, sets out our vision and values for providing an accessible, equitable workplace for staff and accessible, equitable services for the community. The framework will help us deliver on our strategic goal of person-centred care by:

  • driving improvements to health care delivery for the most vulnerable consumers
  • encouraging and supporting staff to identify how we can be more inclusive
  • equitably catering for the diversity of staff and the community.

The Equity Framework is an overarching vision that supports our strategies and action plans, including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Closing the Gap and the Cultural Diversity action plans. The framework was developed after extensive engagement across West Moreton Health, during which staff confirmed the importance of working in an equitable organisation and providing equitable healthcare. Implementation of the framework will contribute to meeting our obligations under the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld), the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights and the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Equity Framework