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West Moreton Health (WMH) services a population of approximately 252,000 people which is forecast to increase to an expected 593,000 people by 2036 (an increase of 136 per cent). This projected percentage increase is the largest of any Hospital and Health Service in Queensland. In the 2011 census, 17 per cent of the population were born outside Australia, 8 per cent speak a language other than English at home and 4.1 per cent are Indigenous Australians. The hospital and health services demographics are diverse and include metropolitan and small rural community settings.

West Moreton Health Board


Michael Willis
Board Chair
Mr Michael Willis

Michael Willis is a company director and corporate governance consultant, with over 28 years of governance experience in industry, financial services and the health and education sectors.

He chairs the board of Boyce Chartered Accountants, a leading professional services firm serving rural and regional NSW, and is Deputy Chair of the National Injury Insurance Scheme Qld, where he chairs the Audit and Risk Committee.

Michael is also a Specialist Advisor with Effective Governance, a leading governance advisory firm.

Michael is a Life Member of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA). As the National President of FINSIA, he led its participation in the development of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles. He is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

His career in corporate governance and management includes chairing the board of an ASX listed company, founding CEO of Anfin (a specialist financial services provider to independent schools), director and chair of several industry peak bodies, across finance, aged care and education, and professional roles in education management, stockbroking, funds management, financial derivatives and risk management.


Susan Johnson
Deputy Board Chair
Ms Susan Johnson

Ms Johnson is a self-employed consultant with a background in law, public policy, research and governance, integrity principles, risk management and effective governance, providing advice to mainly public sector agencies in Queensland. She has worked in, and with, public sector agencies for more than 30 years including in senior executive roles in research and misconduct prevention at the former Criminal Justice Commission and Crime and Misconduct Commission (now the Crime and Corruption Commission) Susan has also been involved in major policy reviews for government in the areas of police powers, domestic violence and child protection.

Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Laws, and a Masters of Business Administration. She has held a number of appointments in the areas of professional standards and disciplinary processes in relation to health practitioners and local councillors including:

  • more than a decade as a community representative on the Professional Performance and Standards Panels, dealing with allegations of unprofessional conduct by health practitioners in Queensland
  • recently completing three year terms as a community member of the Queensland Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and of the Queensland Psychology Board of Australia
  • eight years as a member of the Local Government Conduct Review Panels which deal with allegations of misconduct by local councillors across the State.

Susan is currently the Chair of the Local Government Remuneration and Disciplinary Tribunal, having been appointed on 1 July 2018. She is a current member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Lyn Birnie
Board Member
Ms Lyn Birnie

Lyn Birnie is a finance leader with over 35 years’experience in senior roles in major mining companies and a key Queensland Government-owned power generator. She is currently consulting in the energy sector. Lyn holds a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Business Administration and is a Certified Practising Accountant and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Her career has focused on the commercial and financial management of operations, strategic and business planning and capital investment effectiveness, as well as business transformation and improvement.

Lyn has both led and participated in a number of governance and assurance committees in the course of her career. She maintains a strong commitment to safety, sustainable development, culture improvement and organisational diversity.



Jeff Dunn
Board Member
Professor Jeff Dunn AO

Professor Jeff Dunn AO retired as the Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Council Queensland in March 2017, a role he held for almost 16 years. He has since been appointed Professor and Chair of Social Behavioural Science within the University of Southern Queensland’s Institute for Resilient Regions and also holds a Professorial appointment with the Griffith University School of Medicine.

He has a strong interest in the social and behavioural aspects of cancer control, spanning the continuum of research, prevention, early detection, supportive care and quality of life. He is actively involved in research in this field and has dedicated his career to the development of novel, evidence-based cancer control strategies that improve the health and wellbeing of our community.

Jeff serves as Treasurer on the Board of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), as an editorial Board member for Psycho-Oncology Journal and was recently appointed Honourary President of the Asia Pacific Organisation for Cancer Prevention (APOCP).

In June 2014, he was recognised as an Officer of the Order of Australia for distinguished service to medical administration through leadership roles with cancer control organisations and to the promotion of innovative and integrated cancer care programs.


Patricia Evatt
Board Member
Ms Patricia Evatt

Patricia Evatt has a background in psychology, with a particular interest in organisational psychology. She has more than 20 years’ experience in corporate governance in both the public and private sectors and is a former director of a consultancy company specialising in industrial relations, organisational development and human resource management. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Applied Psychology), a Diploma of Psychology, a Master of Organisational Psychology and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Patricia is a member of the Ipswich Hospice Care Inc. management committee. She has also been a board member of the former West Moreton-Oxley Medicare Local and a trustee and Deputy Chair of the Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School, as well as holding a number of directorships in industry bodies in the aviation and real estate industries.



Gerald Holtmann
Board Member Professor Gerald Holtmann

Professor Gerald Holtmann is a medical specialist in the field of gastroenterology with extensive academic and leadership experience. He is currently Director of the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Queensland. In addition, he is Associate Dean Clinical for the health faculties of the University of Queensland and obtained a Master of Business Administration in South Australia on top of his medical qualifications.

Since completing clinical training at the University of Essen in Germany and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota in the United States, he has gained substantial leadership and managerial experience within the health care setting as the director of large gastroenterology departments.

Gerald has also served on the Board of the University Hospital Essen and was, for several years, CEO and Medical Director of this organisation. He is currently on the Board of Directors of UQ Health Care and the Gallipoli Foundation.


Stephen Robertson
Board Member
Mr Stephen Robertson

Stephen Robertson is a partner in Ethical Consulting Services, based in Brisbane. In 2012, he completed a 20-year career as a member of the Queensland Parliament and was a senior minister in successive State Governments between 1999 and 2012. Over the course of his 13 years of ministerial service,Stephen held the portfolios of Health, Energy, Water,Natural Resources, Mines, Trade and Emergency Services. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Griffith University, graduating with honours from the School of Modern Asian Studies and is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in International Relations. He is also former non-executive director of the West Moreton-Oxley Medicare Local and is currently the Chair of Healthy Land and Water and NRM Regions Queensland.




Sue Scheinpflug
Board Member
Sue Scheinpflug


Sue Scheinpflug is a CEO with over 20 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector. She has worked in the areas of primary health care, mental health, homelessness, youth and family support and education.

Currently the CEO of Brisbane South Primary Health Network, Sue holds qualifications in education and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She has held numerous advisory and policy development roles at local, state and national government levels and has won awards as a business and community leader, including the 2009 Queensland Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award. She is also a member of the Queensland Mental Health and Drug Advisory Council.




Role and responsibilities

Under s22 of the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011, the primary role of the board is to control West Moreton Hospital and Health  Service. The board’s role and responsibilities are further set out in the Board Charter and include: Responsibility for setting strategic direction, establishing goals and objectives for the hospital and health service executive and monitoring the organisation in line with current government health policies and directives and ensuring that adequate and  appropriate community consultation is undertaken. Appointing a Hospital and Health Service Chief Executive to manage the hospital and health service — this appointment is not effective until it is approved by the Minister for Health.

  • Reviewing and approving strategies, goals, annual budgets, and financial plans as designed by the hospital and health service in response to community and stakeholder input.
  • Monitoring financial performance on a regular basis.
  • Monitoring operational performance on a regular basis including compliance with clinical regulations and standards.
  • Ensuring risk management systems are in place to cover all of the hospital and health service’s key risk areas including operational, financial, environmental and asset related risk.
  • Establishing objectives for, and reviewing of the performance of the hospital and health service’s executive directors.
  • Ensuring West Moreton Hospital and Health Service has policies and procedures to satisfy its legal and ethical responsibilities.
  • Monitoring committee reporting on operational, financial and clinical performance.
  • Determining the desired culture for the hospital and health service to enhance its reputation with the community and stakeholders.
  • Reporting to, and communicating with, government, the community and other stakeholders on the financial and operational performance of the hospital and health service.


Meeting summaries

Ordinary meetings of the board are scheduled monthly in accordance with the West Moreton Hospital and Health Service Board Charter.  

The Health Service Chief Executive and Executive Director Legal and Corporate Governance attend these meetings in an ex-officio capacity. From time-to-time the board considers matters out-of-session by flying minute.

2018 2017 2016


Plans and Strategies

Strategic plan

West Moreton’s Strategic Plan 2017-21 describes how we will serve our community over the next four years. It outlines our vision, purpose, principles, priorities and enablers.


Strategic Action Plan

West Moreton’s Strategic Action Plan provides an overview of the actions to be undertaken that contribute to fulfilling our strategic priorities. A Strategic Action Plan is under development for West Moreton’s Strategic Plan 2017-21 and will be published following completion.

For More information about the development of the Strategic Action Plan please contact the Planning Team at WM_PlanningTeam@health.qld.gov.au.

Clinical education and learning strategy

West Moreton’s Clinical Education and Strategy 2015-20 will guide us toward our vision of embedding a culture of lifelong learning that enables our team to deliver safe, effective, patient- and family-centred care.


Quality improvement strategy

West Moreton's Quality Improvement Strategy 2015-20 provides the health services clinical governance framework to assist hardwire a quality improvement approach to our everyday work.


Research and innovation strategy

West Moreton seeks to support clinicians to be active contributors in improving the way they provide care to our community through research and evidence-based practice.


Patient feedback strategy

West Moreton is committed to continuously improving how patient-centred care as reflected in the Strategic Plan.


Consumer engagement strategy

The Consumer Engagement Strategy 2018-21 outlines the way in which we work collaboratively with our community. We aim to build strong and effective partnerships within our diverse community, facilitate active participation in healthcare planning and design, service delivery and evaluation and improve health and well-being for all people in our community.


Engagement and partner strategy

The West Moreton Health Engagement and Partner Strategy 2018-2019 outlines the strategic intent, brand positioning and communications objectives for our target audiences and partners.


Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

Our Performance

West Moreton Health serves a population of approximately 252,000 people in a 9,521 kilometres region spanning four local government areas - Scenic Rim Regional Council, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Somerset Regional Council and Ipswich City Council. The HHS demographics are diverse and include metropolitan and small rural community settings.

To access up-to-date performance information please select a service area from the list below:

To access information specific to a Hospital, please select from the list below:

Annual Report

The West Moreton Health Annual Report 2017-2018 provides information about the financial and non-financial performance and key achievements during the year. The report outlines how West Moreton Health continued to focus on delivering highly reliable patient-centred care to our community.


Annual ReportAnnual Report 2017-18

Open data

The Queensland Government has committed to releasing as much public service data as possible through its Open Data initiative. The following datasets have been published in lieu of appearing in the above annual report:



Annual ReportAnnual Report 2016-17

Open data

The Queensland Government has committed to releasing as much public service data as possible through its Open Data initiative. The following datasets have been published in lieu of appearing in the above annual report:



Annual ReportAnnual Report 2015-16

Open data

The Queensland Government has committed to releasing as much public service data as possible through its Open Data initiative. The following datasets have been published in lieu of appearing in the above annual report:


Annual ReportAnnual Report 2014-15

Open data

The Queensland Government has committed to releasing as much public service data as possible through its Open Data initiative. The following datasets have been published in lieu of appearing in the above annual report:


Image removed.Annual Report 2013-14

Open data

The Queensland Government has committed to releasing as much public service data as possible through its Open Data initiative. The following datasets have been published in lieu of appearing in the above annual report:


Annual Report 2012-13Annual Report

Open data

The Queensland Government has committed to releasing as much public service data as possible through its Open Data initiative. The following datasets have been published in lieu of appearing in the above annual report:



Copies of this report

If you have trouble viewing or printing this document, contact the WM Communication and Engagement team and we will supply the publication via an alternative channel.


The materials presented on this site are provided by the Queensland Government for information purposes only. Users should note that the electronic versions of the annual report and financial statements on this site is not recognised as the official or authorised versions.

The electronic versions are provided solely on the basis that users will take responsibility for verifying their accuracy, completeness and currency. Although considerable resources are used to prepare and maintain the electronic versions, the Queensland Government accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may be incurred by any person acting in reliance on the electronic versions.

The official copy of the annual report, as tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, can be accessed from the Queensland Parliament's tabled papers website database


Public Availability Statement

Copies of this annual report can be found at: www.westmoreton.health.qld.gov.au/about-us/annual-report/

If you have a query regarding this annual report or would like a hard copy, please contact the West Moreton Hospital Health Communications team at WMCommunications@health.qld.gov.au


Interpreter Service Statement

The Queensland Government is committed to providing accessible services to Queenslanders from all culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. If you have difficulty in understanding the annual report, you can contact us at WMCommunications@health.qld.gov.au and we will arrange an interpreter to effectively communicate the report to you.


This annual report is licensed by West Moreton Hospital and Health Service under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) 4.0 Australia licence

CC BY Licence Summary Statement

In essence, you are free to copy, communicate and adapt the content in this annual report, as long as you attribute the work to West Moreton Hospital and Health Service as: West Moreton Hospital and Health Service Annual Report 2017–2018. To view a copy of this licence, visit http://creativecommons.org/licences/by/4.0/


Content from this annual report should be attributed as: West Moreton Hospital and Health Service Annual Report 2017–18.


Accessing information

We gather and retain a variety of information, ranging from personal information held in medical records, to non-personal information including statistical data and business documents.

How do I access information?

Documents held by us may be accessed through a variety of ways. The appropriate method of seeking access to information will depend on what type of information is sought.

If you are uncertain whether or not a formal application needs to be made, for more information contact the Information Access Unit via wm-infoaccessunit@health.qld.gov.au or (07) 3813 6118 to seek advice or refer to the Information Access Application Kit.

Search for information

Before applying for information, check to see if it is available on our website. You can find information on our Publication Scheme – where information is released and organised into various categories and our Disclosure Log – where information has been made available to the public after being released through Right to Information (RTI) applications.

Applying for information

Accessing your health records

  1. Administrative access
    West Moreton promotes the right for patients to access medical, confidential and personal information that is collected and held about them. The preferred way you can access your patient records is administratively by contacting the Release of Information Unit or by completing an Application for Administrative Access form.
  2. Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP) applications
    You may be required to make an IP access application for documents that contain your own personal information. There is no application fee to make an application under the IP Act. An IP application is required if you are applying on behalf of a child or if your records contain sensitive information such as mental health notes.

Accessing other people's health records

  1. Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI) applications
    You can make an RTI application for any information we hold. You need to apply under the RTI Act if you are requesting documents that contain information about other people (e.g. a relative), businesses or government activities. There is an application fee to make application under the RTI Act.
  2. Applications by agents
    If you are an agent acting on behalf of someone else (e.g. solicitors accessing information for their client) you may need to provide additional information with your application. This may include patient consent and evidence of your identity as their agent.
  3. Application by General Practitioners and other healthcare providers
    GPs seeking patient information to continue the care and treatment of the patient are able to apply to access Queensland Health’s  GP to the Viewer interface or the Federal Government’s My Health Record.  GPs and other healthcare providers may also submit their request to the Release of Information Unit at WM_ROI@health.qld.gov.au or fax to (07) 3810 1751.
    Click here for further information on accessing GP to the Viewer. Click here for further information on accessing My Health Record.

Employee Records

Current employees can contact Human Resources to request a copy of their employee records. Former employees are required to submit an IP application to the Information Access Unit (IAU).

Access to records relating to investigations, workplace grievances and recruitment processes are usually best requested through the formal RTI or IP legislation. It's best to contact the IAU first, to discuss your specific request, so that we can guide you to the best access mechanism.

Information Sheets available from the Office of the Information Commissioner

For more information contact 

 wm-infoaccessunit@health.qld.gov.au or (07) 3813 6118.

Publication Scheme

Our publication scheme describes and categorises information about our services. It has been developed to give the community greater access to information held by us.

Information is grouped together and accessible through the following information classes:

  • About us
  • Our Services
  • Our Finances
  • Our Priorities
  • Our Decisions
  • Our Policies
  • Our Lists

Information classes will not usually include information that is:

Terms of Access

Information listed on our publication scheme is available to download free of charge from our website.

Some of the information on this site is currently only available in pdf format. These may not be readable by devices such as a screen reader. If you are having difficulty accessing any of our published documents please contact us on (07) 3810 1219 or email us at WMCommunications@health.qld.gov.au. Please be advised some charges may be applicable depending on the specific format requested. Any associated charges will be advised prior to progressing with your request.

Applying for Information

Where the information you require is not available on our publication scheme or disclosure log, you may make application under the Right to Information Act 2009. Where the information you require is your own personal information, you may make application under the Information Privacy Act 2009.

Further details about how to apply for unpublished information can be found in the Accessing Information section of this page.

About us: Who we are and what we do

Our Services: The services we offer

West Moreton Health delivers health services at our facilities and locations across the continuum of care: preventative and primary health care services, ambulatory services, acute care, sub-acute care, oral health and mental health and specialised services (including Offender Health and Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs).

Our Finances: What we spend and how we spend it

Projected income and expenditure

Queensland Budget Paper 5 - Service Delivery Statements, Document: Queensland Health

Annual Report

The West Moreton Hospital and Health Service Annual Reports provides an overview of the financial and non-financial performance and key achievements. More information can be found in the Annual Report section of this page.

Tendering, procurement and supply

Our Priorities: What our priorities are and how we are doing

Our Decisions: How we make decisions

Our Policies: Our policies and procedures

Hospital and Health Legislation

Government Policies

Our Lists: Lists and registers

Disclosure log

A disclosure log makes non-personal information that has been disclosed to an individual under the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) available to a wider public audience.

West Moreton Hospital and Health Service progressively publishes details about non-personal information processed under RTI Act applications.

The RTI Act does not authorise publication of documents that contain the applicant’s personal information and requires that information must be deleted from any document or information published on a disclosure log if:

  • the publication of the information is prevented by law
  • the information may be defamatory
  • the information would, if included in a disclosure log, unreasonably invade an individual's privacy or cause substantial harm to an entity
  • the information is of a confidential nature communication in confidence or protected from disclosure under a contract; or would allow such to be ascertained.

Where an RTI decision has been made and the original applicant fails to access the documents and pay the access charges, the documents detailed on the disclosure log will not be available until such a time as the charges have been paid by an applicant wishing to access the documents.

Interested parties may access copies of the documents listed in the log by contacting:

  • In writing to:
    Information Access Unit
    West Moreton Hospital and Health Service
    PO Box 878
    Ipswich Qld 4305
  • Phone: (07) 3413 6118
  • Email: WM-InfoAccessUnit@health.qld.gov.au

To view our disclosure logs please click on the below links:

  • 2012-13 – no applications were received which were suitable for the disclosure log as they all contained personal information of the applicant.
  • 2013-14 (PDF)
  • 2014-15 (PDF)
  • 2015-16 – no applications were received which were suitable for the disclosure log as they all contained personal information of the applicant.
  • 2016-17 – no applications were received which were suitable for the disclosure log as they all contained personal information of the applicant.
  • 2017-18 (PDF)

For historical disclosures prior to July 2012, please refer to Queensland Health's Disclosure Logs page.

For more information contact 

 wm-infoaccessunit@health.qld.gov.au or (07) 3813 6118.

Release of Information Unit

West Moreton respects the privacy of patients and their families and is subject to privacy and confidentiality legislation which set the standards for how we handle your personal information.

Information collected in health records

When you attend a health facility, a record is made that contains:

  • your name
  • address and contact details
  • nature of the problem
  • family history
  • diagnosis and treatment
  • test results, x-rays and scans
  • Medicare and other Commonwealth benefit card details.

The personal information collected relates to your diagnosis and treatment. Health information may be contained in paper records, electronically or in other mediums depending on the tests and treatment you have had. Every time you attend a health facility, new information is added to your record.

Information will generally be collected directly from you. However there may be circumstances where we may need to talk to someone else—for example, your doctor or a relative in an emergency situation. This information may also be included in your record.

Using another name

We know some people may wish to use another name (alias) when receiving health services. However this may prevent us from finding all the information we hold about you and provide appropriate care. Regardless of whether or not you use an alias, we will search our records and attempt to match and merge all records about you.

Protecting your information

All West Moreton staff are bound by a strict legal duty of confidentiality. It is an offence for our staff to give information about you to anyone except under limited circumstances set out in legislation. We maintain strict security policies and practices with respect to who has access to personal information about you.

If you have any questions about privacy and confidentiality in West Moreton facilities, email the Privacy and Confidentiality Contact Officer (WM-privacy@health.qld.gov.au) located at Ipswich Hospital to organise a suitable time to discuss your questions.

Who can access your information?

After you are discharged from hospital, we will generally provide information to your doctor about your treatment, and any special instructions related to your care. If you do not want this information to be sent to your doctor, please let us know before you are discharged.

Your records may be accessed by our administrative support staff to perform tasks such as booking appointments and communicating with you and other areas of Queensland Health.

Sometimes your local doctor may contact us for information about your treatment. In this case we may give them these details. If you do not want this to happen, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you receive health care at a service or residential care facility that is not operated by Queensland Health, and that facility contacts us to obtain information about you, we will release health information to help your treatment.

In other situations we will usually obtain your consent prior to releasing any information.

When information may be disclosed

There may be occasions when we need to use or disclose some of your information, such as:

  • ensuring you receive appropriate treatment and follow-up care
  • undertaking quality assurance activities and other activities that help us monitor and improve the way we operate
  • professional supervision or mentoring of our staff
  • patient satisfaction surveys (responding to surveys is entirely voluntary and all responses are anonymous)
  • helping us to code and de-identify records
  • addressing liability indemnity arrangements, which may require giving information to a medical expert, insurer, medical defence organisation or a lawyer
  • providing information in relation to matter to a lawyer who is representing the State or a Hospital and Health Service in relation to the matter
  • billing or recovering debt in relation to services received.

In some circumstances we are legally obliged to disclose information about you, such as:

  • if your records have been subpoenaed for a court case
  • legal requirements to collect information about particular health conditions such as life-threatening diseases or diseases with high public health risks.

We will ensure that any such disclosure is limited to only what is necessary.

On occasion, information may be used for research that will help us to improve healthcare practices without your consent. All research involving West Moreton patients must undergo ethics consideration and be authorised by the chief executive before it can be conducted.

For more information contact

WM_ROI@health.qld.gov.au or (07) 3810 1964.

Privacy and confidentiality

Protecting your information

All West Moreton staff are bound by a strict legal duty of confidentiality. It is an offence for our staff to give information about you to anyone except under limited circumstances set out in legislation. We maintain strict security policies and practices with respect to who has access to personal information about you.

Privacy fact sheets

Job applications and privacy

Refer to how we protect the personal information included in your job application.

Privacy Plan

The Department of Health’s Privacy Plan sets out details of the types of personal information we hold and how we handle this information.

Privacy Concerns

Any complaints received from patients or members of the public are managed in accordance with our Consumer Feedback Procedure.

If you have any concerns about the manner in which your information is being managed, you can raise a privacy concern directly with the West Moreton Hospital and Health Service by contacting the Consumer Liaison Officer on 07 3810 1111 or email WMH_CLO@health.qld.gov.au.

You may also complete a consumer feedback form (PDF).

Amending your medical records

If there is information in your health record that is incorrect or you do not agree with, you can apply for it to be amended under the Information Privacy Act 2009. You will need to provide details of why the information may be inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or misleading.

To apply to amend your personal information, download and complete the application form and submit it by post or in person. There is no application fee but you will need to give evidence of your identity (e.g. a certified copy of your driver licence).

  • Timeframes for amendment applications
    The agency has 25 business days from the date of a valid application to give a decision to the applicant.  This time may be extended in some circumstances, for example if the applicant agrees.
  • Review rights
    If an applicant is not satisfied with the agency’s decision in relation to amending your medical records can either first apply for an internal review from the agency and then, an external review, or they can apply directly to the Office of the Information Commissioner for an external review.

For more information contact 

 wm-infoaccessunit@health.qld.gov.au or (07) 3813 6118.

Hello my name is

The Hello my name is… video campaign introduces our West Moreton Health clinicians and health workers and explains useful and interesting health terms, services or procedures.

View our collection here.