Our Research and Innovation team supports research within the health service including research development, research ethics and governance, the Australian Teletrials Model and clinical trial research.

A health service fully informed by excellence in research that supports the West Moreton community to achieve their best possible health and wellbeing.


The West Moreton Health Research Strategy 2021-25 provides the framework to help West Moreton Health achieve our vision by focusing our research efforts in areas of local priority, and on building the capacity of our systems, infrastructure, and people to support and undertake research.

Our commitment to excellence is underpinned by the West Moreton Health Strategic Plan 2021-25 which positions research as a critical enabler to transforming clinical services and delivering on our master planning to provide the highest quality healthcare for the community.

We have identified four research priority areas:

  • Equitable access to healthcare
  • Mental health research
  • Digitally driven health service redesign
  • Health services research to drive excellence in healthcare.

Our Research and Innovation team supports research within the health service including research development, research ethics and governance and the Australian Teletrials Model for clinical trial research.

We also support the implementation of the West Moreton Health Research Strategy 2021-25 by developing workplace systems to support research, overseeing research project approvals and supporting researchers to develop and access funding for research opportunities.

Quality Improvement and Research Symposium

The 2024 Quality Improvement and Research Symposium: Ignite Innovation  will be held on Wednesday, 16th October 2024. 

The symposium is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate staff leading innovation. Health researchers and consumers have been invited to join the program to inspire and map the future for research in West Moreton. Abstracts are encouraged and accepted from staff from all health areas. Abstract submissions close 26 July 2024 and can be submitted here:

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We have identified four priority areas in which we will focus our research efforts.
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