West Moreton Health provides health and wellbeing services to about 313,000 people across the Somerset, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley and Ipswich communities. Its borders stretch to the north of Esk, west of Gatton, east of Ipswich and Springfield, and south of Boonah.

West Moreton is the fastest growing region in Queensland in relative terms with a population that is expected to almost double to 588,000 by 2036.

Of the 3856 full-time equivalent staff, 84 per cent are frontline staff.


We provide preventative and primary health care services, ambulatory services, acute care, sub-acute care and oral health, mental health and other specialised services (including prison health services and alcohol and other drugs services) to our region. Our facilities include:

  • Boonah Health
  • Esk Health
  • Gatton Health
  • Goodna Health
  • Ipswich Health Precinct:
    • Ipswich Hospital
    • Ipswich Oral Health Clinic
    • Community Health Plaza
  • Laidley Health
  • The Park – Centre for Mental Health, Treatment Research and Education
  • Gailes Community Care Unit
  • Prison Health Services.
Our staff

Many of our staff live in this community and so have a personal interest in making sure we achieve our goals. We recognise and welcome the role we play in not only health care, but in the economic development, sustainability and prosperity of the West Moreton region.



West Moreton Health offers competitive remuneration packages and other additional benefits.

  • Detailed salary information relating to your specific employment stream - Queensland Health

Salary Packaging

Salary packaging or sacrificing allows you to deduct some of your pre-tax salary and use it to pay for benefits such as rent or mortgage repayments, insurances, motor vehicle operating expenses, travel expenses and more. By reducing your pre-tax income, you reduce the amount of income tax you pay, and therefore increase the amount of pay you take home each fortnight.

To find out more about your salary packaging options contact either RemServ on 1300 30 40 10 or SmartSalary on 1300 218 598.


QSuper is the superannuation fund for Queensland Government employees and you also have the choice to choose your own fund. It is compulsory for all employees to make contributions to a superannuation scheme.

Personal contributions will automatically be set at the standard rate of five per cent upon commencement with West Moreton Health, however this can be varied between two and five per cent, which may be salary sacrificed. The health service will contribute 7.75 per cent on top of your individual contribution, as outlined below.

Employee pays Queensland Health pays Total contribution
2% 9.75% 11.75%
3% 10.75% 13.75%
4% 11.75% 15.75%
5% 12.75% 17.75%

Full details on superannuation can be found at the QSuper website.


Enjoy the lifestyle that south-east Queensland offers with flexible rosters, time off in lieu, and generous leave allowances.


You'll also be eligible for a range of paid and unpaid leave including:

  • 4 to 6 weeks annual leave and 17.5% loading with up to 27.5% for shift workers.
  • 10 accruable sick days per year.
  • Paid public holidays.
  • 14 weeks paid maternity or adoption leave (half pay options available).
  • 13 weeks long service leave after completing 10 years continuous service, which may be taken pro rata after completing 7 years continuous service.
  • 1 week paid spousal leave (half pay options available).
  • Employees on maternity, adoption or spousal leave are also entitled to take a period of unpaid leave.

Health professionals may be eligible for allowances specifically related to their roles.

Flexible Work

West Moreton Health appreciates the importance of a healthy work-life-balance. Achieving balance in your life is vital to being a productive and happy employee. West Moreton Health offers a range of work options which assist with meeting the demands of modern life. Some of these include:

  • rostered day off or flexible working hours
  • working from home
  • part-time work
  • graduated retirement.


Employee Assistance Services (EAS)

West Moreton Health is committed to protecting and improving the health and wellbeing of all employees and their immediate family by providing employee assistance. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. EAS provide a range of free and confidential support services and programs.

Additional Leave

We also support nurses and midwives with family responsibilities, study or personal commitments by allowing you to purchase up to an extra six weeks leave per year.


Equality of Employment Opportunity (EEO) is about making sure the workplace is free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment, and that people who are members of an EEO target group are able to compete for employment and promotion as effectively as people who are not. As part of the Queensland Government, West Moreton Health is an EEO employer.

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