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Interprofessional Grand Rounds discussions are a clinically-led platform for sharing medical knowledge and best practice.

Each session includes a patient, GP and hospital specialist perspective and is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge about local referral pathways (HealthPathways), ask questions and share your expertise with West Moreton Health clinicians and GPs in the region.

Grand Rounds discussions will be held via Microsoft Teams on the last Wednesday of the month from 12 noon to 1 pm.

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2023 sessions

22 February

Pulmonary rehabilitation new options for delivery: multidisciplinary approach

26 July

Hepatitis Can't Wait

29 March

West Moreton Health update - new services (Voluntary Assisted Dying, Medical Rapid Access Clinic and Preventative Integrated Care Service)

30 August

Shifting the Paradigm; understanding child sexual exploitation for health professionals

26 April 

New Ipswich Hospital Cardiac Cath Lab /  Winter Preparedness in the COVID era

27 September

Multidisciplinary team management for patients with head and neck cancers

31 May 

Changing Trajectories: Perinatal mental health practice and the impacts of trauma on women and infants

25 October

To QCAT, or not to QCAT…

28 June

Management of knee and hip Osteo Arthritis; conservative management and surgical perspectives 

29 November
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September 2023 session

Date: 12–1 pm Wednesday, 27 September 2023 

Topic: Multidisciplinary team management for patients with head and neck cancers


    • This presentation will provide an introduction to head and neck cancer, the role of the multidisciplinary team, and a case study outlining the care pathway of a patient with head and neck cancer.

    • Head and neck cancer is a complex condition that impacts a person's ability to speak, eat, drink, breathe and can result in devastating facial disfigurement. There is no screening for head and neck cancers and early detection is key.

    • Short and long term care for patients with head and neck cancers is often complex and involves a number of health professionals.

    • Historically, smoking and alcohol were the most common causes of head and neck cancer, however many head and neck cancers are due to other causes. This includes Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which can affect young, otherwise healthy, non-smoking men and women.

    Ipswich Hospital presenters:

    • Radiation Oncologist Dr Daniel Klemm

    • Ear Nose Throat Dr Tim Sapsford

    • Senior Dietitian Kate Dwyer

    • Speech Pathologist Lauren Wagner

    • Physiotherapist Mikaela Lynch

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    October 2023 session

    Date: 12–1 pm Wednesday, 25 October 2023 

    Topic: To QCAT, or not to QCAT…


      • The need to formally appoint an administrator or guardian for hospitalised vulnerable patients with concerns relating to impaired capacity has historically resulted in these patients remaining in the hospital setting for a longer than optimal length of stay.
      • The Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) Program has assisted in improving patient flow whilst ensuring that the welfare of vulnerable long stay patients is respected, their needs are met, and their general health care interests are protected. The program began in 2016 and has become standard practice at Metro North Health, designed to provide equity of access for all Queensland Health patients to tribunal hospital hearings within a reasonable timeframe to minimise the impact to patients.
      • This presentation draws upon a human rights framework, seeks to provide an overview of the QCAT - specifically the Human Rights division, and expands on the QCAT Hospital Program. It explores supported decision making and least restrictive options where possible for patients with capacity concerns. Consideration of capacity and assessment will also be discussed.

      Queensland Health QCAT Guardianship Program presenters Deidre Venz and Glenys Mulcahy:

      • Deidre is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with 22 years' experience in acute hospital and community sectors, most recently working at Gold Coast Health. She is currently working as the Acting Clinical Lead for the QCAT Program. This role has allowed Deidre to expand her QCAT knowledge across a broader patient age range and the pleasure of collaborating with clinicians across the state. Deidre has a keen interest in working with older persons particularly those with complex presentations including impaired capacity and complex family situations including family violence or elder abuse. 
      • Glenys is an Advanced Social Worker who has worked for Queensland Health since 1994 at the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane, most recently as the Prince Charles Hospital Internal Medicine Social Work Clinical Lead. Glenys started her career as the first Social Worker at Barcaldine Hospitals Board in western Queensland in the early 1980s and has worked for Bluecare. Glenys is interested in the areas of aged care, rehabilitation, and guardianship. Her involvement with the Guardianship Program began in 2016 as a locum after the program commenced in Metro North Health. She is been a part-time Clinical Coordinator in the program since November 2021. 

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