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We are continually looking for talented people to join us in Caring Better Together for the West Moreton community.

Join a growing team of more than 4600 health professionals providing health and wellbeing services to the Ipswich, Somerset, Scenic Rim, and Lockyer Valley communities.

What it is like to work at West Moreton HealthWest Moreton Health - Everyone is a leader pipeline

We offer an inclusive and supportive work environment, where staff feel valued, included, and welcome.

  • Have confidence in your value and contribution

  • Influence change and culture

  • Give and receive feedback and recognition

  • Feel enabled to thrive and inspired to make a difference

  • Here at West Moreton Health, everyone is a leader.


Our values – Connect. Respect. Excel

Connect means that we are part of the community, empathetic with consumers and each other.

Respect means that we are accepting, genuine and fair to one another.

Excel means that we are innovative and work together, giving our best for all.

These values sustain our promise to our staff and community that we are Caring Better Together.

For more information read the West Moreton Health recruitment handbook, Start a new journey with us.


Our vision

A thriving West Moreton community in which people achieve their best possible health and wellbeing.


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The benefits that come with the job

West Moreton Health offers competitive salaries and additional benefits, including:

Salary packaging

Salary packaging, or sacrificing, allows you to deduct some of your pre-tax salary to pay expenses such as rent or mortgage repayments, insurances, motor vehicle operating expenses, travel expenses and more. By reducing your pre-tax income, you incur less income tax and pocket more pay each fortnight.

To find out more about salary packaging, click here.

Leave entitlements

We offer generous leave entitlements, including:

  • extra annual leave for work on public holidays, family leave to care for family members (such as sick children), long service leave, paid parental leave, sick leave and leave without pay to travel.
  • Annual leave includes leave loading at rates ranging from 14 per cent to 22.92 per cent, depending on the terms of your employment.

To find out more about leave entitlements, click here.


A QSuper account will be opened automatically for you when you begin your career with us. From 1 July 2023, Queensland Government employees will receive a generous 12.75 per cent in employer superannuation contributions.

Flexible working arrangements

West Moreton Health appreciates the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Achieving balance in your life is vital to being a productive and happy employee. West Moreton Health offers a range of work options to assist with meeting the demands of modern life, including:

  • rostered days off or flexible working hours
  • working remotely
  • part-time work / job sharing
  • purchased leave
  • graduated retirement.

Professional development

We are committed to employee development through on-the-job training as well as additional opportunities.

Paid study leave

You may be eligible for paid study leave as well as financial assistance for courses relevant to your work.


Health professionals may be eligible for allowances specific to their roles, such as shift penalties or incentives for obtaining higher education.

Training and skills development opportunities

We have dedicated clinical educators across the health service, as well as comprehensive leadership and development programs.

Modern facilities

West Moreton Health is the fastest growing health region in the state, in relative terms, with a community that is expected to almost double to 588,000 by 2036. In 2023, West Moreton Health looks forward to opening a state-of-the-art Mental Health Acute Inpatient Services facility and satellite hospital. (Image artists impression)

For more information on our commitment to transform and optimise our care to meet the health needs of our growing and diverse community, click here.

Find the job that is right for you

All our current vacancies are listed here on the SmartJobs website.

Refine your search by selecting the occupational group that matches your skills.

More information on registering for My SmartJobs and setting job alerts is here:

How to apply

  1. Search our current vacancies on SmartJobs.
  2. Carefully read the How to Apply section in the job advertisement and About You section of the role description.
  3. If you think your skills are a good fit for the role, click “Apply online”.
  4. Attach all appropriate documents including, where required:
  • a short cover letter that sets out how your skills and experience would help you achieve the key responsibilities listed in the role description. Be sure to include the vacancy reference number.
  • a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) to support your application
  • the names and contact details of two referees who can provide feedback on your performance within the past two years.

More information on applying for jobs is here:

Need help?

If you have any difficulties submitting your application online, email We’d be happy to help.

Graduate programs

West Moreton Health offers comprehensive graduate programs in the fields of nursing, midwifery and allied health. More detailed information is available on our Graduate programs page.

Rural opportunities

Our hospital network includes facilities in the scenic rural communities of Boonah, Esk, Gatton and Laidley.

Among the state’s rural hospitals, ours have the unique advantage of being on the doorstep of three major cities (Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba), affording the people who live and work there the best of both city and country lifestyles.

Working in a rural hospital requires a team mindset, a broad range of professional skills, and a willingness to engage whole-heartedly with the community you serve.

For information about our facilities, career pathways, regional attractions and more, visit our Rural careers page.

First Nations opportunities

Are you looking for a deadly opportunity to work with your people?

West Moreton Health is committed to employing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from gardeners to surgeons.

So, if you want to give back and care for your mob, click here to find a job that suits you.

U-me Koola - On the job training

The U-me Koola program provides on-the-job training and qualifications for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who are interested in becoming an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioner. Click here for more information.

Prison Health Services

Prison Health Services (PHS) is a primary care model which supports prisoners in Queensland correctional facilities to stay well by providing access to quality health care. Care is delivered within the State prisons located in West Moreton Health under a Memorandum of Understanding between Queensland Health and Queensland Corrective Services (QCS). 

For information about our facilities, career pathways, regional attractions and more, visit our Prison Health Services page.

Prison Mental Health Services

The Prison Mental Health Service (PMHS) provides a multi-disciplinary in reach service to people who are in custody in correctional centres across southeast Queensland.

For information about our facilities, career pathways, regional attractions and more, visit our Prison Mental Health Services page.

Ipswich Hospital opportunities

Ipswich Hospital, operated by West Moreton Hospital and Health Service, is the largest facility in the region and services a population of more than 325,000 people.

It provides surgical and coronary care, and specialist services, including orthopaedics, obstetrics, paediatrics, palliative care and rehabilitation.

Interested in applying at Ipswich Hospital? Multiple opportunities are available:

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