Future focus

Our vision is for a robust hospital and health service that includes fit-for-purpose spaces, multi-disciplinary health services, research, education and community partnerships.

West Moreton has the highest population growth in Queensland with the population across Somerset, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley and Ipswich expected to increase to 480,000 by 2036.

As the West Moreton community expands, we are committed to transforming and optimising our care through service redesign, research and innovation to continue to meet the healthcare needs of our growing and diverse community.

West Moreton Health has developed a staged approach to delivering new infrastructure, services and models of care in a co-design partnership with our staff, community and other healthcare providers.

Construction update

Changes to expect during our expansion

The Queensland Government is undertaking several major construction projects in the fast-growing West Moreton region to increase access to quality healthcare.

There’s a lot happening, especially around the Ipswich Hospital campus, which means you may experience some disruption from time to time.

This can be frustrating, but what it signals is that your healthcare is improving.

Read more about the major projects underway in West Moreton below.

Acute Services Building – Ipswich Hospital campus

The Ipswich Hospital Expansion Stage 2 will deliver a purpose-built, multi-storey Acute Services Building. This facility will provide a new and expanded emergency department, 200 additional beds, new operating theatres, and other services required to meet the healthcare needs of the region.

The building is expected to be completed by late 2027.

Churchill St artist impression

    Closure of Churchill Street bus stop 

    From 15 April 2024

    Bus stop 310074 Ipswich Hospital, Stop B, has closed to allow work on Churchill Street. Bus passengers are encouraged to use bus stop 310566, located approximately 240 meters to the north. This redirection will ensure that everyone can still access public transportation conveniently. Please factor in the extra time you may need due to this change when planning your visit to Ipswich Hospital. 

    When: From Monday 15 April.

    Closed stop: Ipswich Hospital, Stop B (Stop ID 310074).

    Open stop: East St at South Street (Stop ID 310566) approximately 240m away.

    Affected routes: 509, 515, 5217, 5238, 5239, and 6254.

    Map of Churchill St

    Changes to Churchill Street

    From April 2024

    From April, construction activities will be taking place on Churchill Street. These activities are essential to ensure that future construction works can proceed safely and with minimal disruption.

    The following changes will apply:

    • Closure of bus stop bus stop 310074. Bus stop 310566 (on East Street) can be used as an alternative.
    • Parking bays on the Ipswich Hospital side of the street will close and meters will be removed.
    • Footpath on the hospital side of the street will close.  Pedestrians will be redirected to the opposite side of Churchill Street
    • Installation of fencing around construction site.
    • Concrete barriers and screening will be installed on the Ipswich Hospital side of Churchill Street.
    Map showing pedestrian and parking changes on Churchill Street

    Early works on Chelmsford Avenue

    From March 2024

    Early works are underway on the lower section of Chelmsford Avenue (from Kallara Avenue down on both sides). Changes to the built environment include:

    • footpath closure on lower Chelmsford Avenue south (opposite side to hospital)
    • construction of a new footpath on lower Chelmsford Avenue south
    • footpath closure on lower Chelmsford Avenue north (hospital side)
    • trimming of trees on Chelmsford Avenue south
    • realignment of traffic lanes and new line markings
    • installation of concrete barriers and privacy screens along construction site
    • removal of metered parking bays on lower Chelmsford Avenue.
    Map of pedestrian changes on Chelmsford Avenue

    Thank you

    These activities are important to ensure that future construction can occur safely and with minimal disruption to hospital staff and patients.

    We thank you for your patience and understanding as we take these steps now for our future growth.

    Enquiries to  WM_Construction_Info@health.qld.gov.au

    Ipswich Hospital Expansion Stage 2

    West Moreton Health has completed a preliminary business case to identify the infrastructure and services needed to deliver complex care to our growing population. 

    This work seeks to improve:

    • access to healthcare
    • health outcomes
    • consumer and staff satisfaction
    • safety in healthcare delivery
    • sustainable healthcare delivery
    • healthcare environments that are built fit-for-purpose
    • the local economy.

    The Stage 2 Ipswich Hospital Expansion proposes a staged redevelopment of the Ipswich Hospital site on Chelmsford Ave.

    Ipswich Residential Rehabilitation and Withdrawal Service

    The Queensland Government has begun planning the creation of an Alcohol and Other Drugs withdrawal management and rehabilitation facility.

    The facility will provide 10 withdrawal management beds and 35 residential rehabilitation beds.

    We are working with the Department of Health to find a suitable location.

    Read more here.

    Ripley Satellite Hospital

    The Ripley Satellite Hospital is now open.

    To find out more, visit the Ripley Satellite Hospital page.

    Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service
    Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service
    Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service

    The Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service on Chelmsford Ave provides a fit-for-purpose environment for the delivery of person-centred, contemporary models of mental health care.

    Designed to reflect a residential environment, this purpose-built unit gives consumers access to internal courtyards, gardens and outdoor areas, and multiple barbecue areas for families, to support their recovery and wellbeing.

    We have partnered with health consumers, carers and expert clinicians to ensure the unit provides a safe space to improve wellbeing.

    The Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service marks the completion of Stage 1 of the Ipswich Hospital Expansion project.

    In 2024, the current Mental Health Unit at the Ipswich Hospital will be demolished, and the land reserved for future development as part of Stage 2 of the Ipswich Hospital Expansion project.


    Ipswich Hospital Expansion Stage 1

    The Queensland Government has provided $146.3 million under the Building Better Hospitals program to develop the first stage of the Ipswich Hospital Expansion.

    The staged development is responding to the significant growth in demand for healthcare by bringing our Ipswich-based acute, non-acute, outpatient and community services together in modern facilities with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

    Our Stage 1 projects have included:

    • an expansion of Ipswich Hospital that created:
      • a 26-bed medical and surgical ward
      • Allied Health Services Outpatient Unit
      • Oncology Day Unit
    • construction of the new Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service on Chelmsford Ave
    • a state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging suite at Ipswich Hospital.
    Future planning at West Moreton Health

    West Moreton Health is working towards increasing our capacity to deliver more complex specialist care to the community. This will allow consumers to be treated closer to home instead of travelling outside the region for essential healthcare. Currently, one in three consumers are treated elsewhere.

    West Moreton Health is committed to developing health precincts that meet consumers’ needs, using technology and innovation to provide services more efficiently and sustainably. This means doing things differently in the future. 

    In the short, medium and long term, we are working to identify the mix of infrastructure, services and digital solutions West Moreton Health will need to meet future demand in acute, non-acute, outpatient and community health settings.


    Get involved

    West Moreton Health is committed to engaging regularly with people and businesses interested in the design and delivery of our capital works program.

    To get involved, register an expression of interest as a consumer representative, ask a question or give feedback, please email WMCommunications@health.qld.gov.au, phone (07) 3810 1111 or write to West Moreton Health Communications and Engagement, PO Box 73, Ipswich QLD 4305.

    Follow the latest updates on the West Moreton Health Facebook page, LinkedIn site or at www.westmoreton.health.qld.gov.au/news.