Oncology care

West Moreton Health is making your hospital experience as safe as possible while you receive oncology treatment. This includes limiting the number of visits you need to make to Ipswich Hospital.

Our medical oncology team provides a comprehensive range of services to care for people affected by cancer and to look after the needs of their families and carers.

We work in partnership with various teams including surgeons and radiation oncologists to provide the highest standard of care.

Room changes

The main oncology treatment room is now in 5G. Treatment was previously in 6C. Oncology clinics are also running out of Level 6 Outpatients Department Yellow Suite.

If possible, please have your driver drop you off and pick you up at the East Street entrance of Ipswich Hospital. This will ensure direct access to 5G without needed to walk through the main hospital from the carpark.

If you require a visitor to come with you to the appointment, please limit this to one person who is well, to ensure the health of other consumers.

Feeling unwell?

To ensure the safety of all consumers, if you are feeling unwell before your appointment, please advise oncology staff prior to presenting to the oncology area.

If you are on treatment, please continue to follow recommended advice. If you are unwell, have a fever, cough or respiratory symptoms during business hours we ask you to call the oncology clinic or cancer care coordinators.

If you are feeling unwell outside of business hours, present to the after-hours emergency. Emergency staff are aware and will ensure you are seen quickly. It is not recommended that you attend the fever clinic.


The oncology team may contact you to see if your appointment could be conducted with you and your doctor through our growing telehealth services including phone or video technology. Please discuss this with your doctor.

Contact oncology services

If you need to contact the clinic, phone 07 3810 1153, Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 5 pm.

Contact cancer care coordinators on:

  • 07 3810 1418 – for colorectal, upper gastro intestinal, other cancers,
  • 07 3413 7553 – for prostate cancer, head and neck, testicular, renal cell and bladder cancers,
  • 07 3413 7554 – for breast cancer, and
  • 07 3413 7555 – for lung cancers.