Specialist Mental Health Intellectual Disability Service (SMHIDS)

The Specialist Mental Health Intellectual Disability Service (SMHIDS) is a state-wide service which provides consultation/liaison services to Queensland’s Hospital and Health Service’s Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Service (MHAODS) to assist with the care of people with an intellectual disability and have possible, or are diagnosed with, mental health disorders to achieve better health outcomes.

The SMHIDS works across the state with the potential to visit all areas of the state and will where possible assess the person in their home or suitable local setting. There is also the option for use of telehealth when clinically appropriate.


  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Clinical interventions
  • Working with families and carers
  • Local provider consultation/liaison
  • Comprehensive assessment and management advice
  • Clinical teaching and training
  • Clinical research
  • Complex case reviews
  • Capacity building
  • Medication review

Eligibility criteria

Referrals must meet the following criteria:

  1. adults (18+); and
  2. clients of a public mental health service; and
  3. have an intellectual developmental disorder with possible or diagnosed mental health disorders;

and meet one (or more) of the following criteria:

  • present with a complex clinical or care issue
  • are currently subject to restrictive practices
  • are at risk of prolonged hospitalisation
  • are subject to a forensic order (disability)
  • are subject to a forensic order (mental health).

How to refer

If you would like to refer to SMHIDS please complete this referral form (DOC) and email it to smhidsinfo@health.qld.gov.au.

Project ECHO

The SMHIDS Project ECHO Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness series is an online interprofessional community of practice meeting (online).

It aims to support individuals in their work via case-based learning. It is an opportunity to improve outcomes for people with intellectual disability, dual disability, families, carers and communities.

This series also provides an opportunity for better access to support for people working in remote and rural areas, via an interconnected network of providers.

Each session of the series is one hour in duration each month on the second Wednesday of each month from 12 pm to 1 pm.

The session consists of a ten minute didactic learning session on a topic related to intellectual disability and mental illness, and followed by a case presentation and related discussion.

Upcoming sessions

Date Topic
14 February 2024 FASD - Towards healthy outcomes for individuals with FASD
13 March 2024 Autism spectrum disoder: identifying risky sexual behaviour: Part 2
10 April 2024 Why do mitochondria look like trilobites?
8 May 2024 Behavioural Phenotypyes - Part 4
12 June 2024 Nothing About Us, Without Us: A rights-based approach to intellectual disability
10 July 2024 Approaching regression in Intellectual and Developmental Disability
7 August 2024 Towards health outcomes for individuals with FASD
11 September 2024 TBC
9 October 2024 TBC
13 November 2024 TBC
11 December 2024 TBC

How to register

To register email smhidsinfo@health.qld.gov.au.


Previous sessions

Date Topic
13 December 2023 FASD - Towards healthy outcomes for individuals with FASD
15 November 2023 Autism spectrum disorder: identifying risky sexual behavour: Part 1
11 October 2023 Epigenetics and autism
13 September 2023 Highlights of community of practice forum
9 August 2023 FASD - Towards healthy outcomes for individuals with FASD
12 July 2023 Inborn errors of metabolism
8 March 2023 Behavioural phenotypes: Part 3
12 April 2023 Personality disorder
10 May 2023 Autism spectrum disorder: Part 2
14 June 2023 FASD - towards healthy outcomes: Part 2
8 February 2023 Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) - towards healthy outcomes: Part 1
11 January 2023 Comprehensive functional analysis: Part 2 - Components of a behavioural description
14 December 2022 COVID infection and vaccination and Clozapine toxicity
14 November 2022 Recent developments in genetics and other stuff in autism
12 October 2022 Autism in intellectual disability
7 September 2022 Behavioural phenotypes - Part 2
3 August 2022 FASD - key points, when working with individuals with FASD or suspected FASD
6 July 2022 Comprehensive functional analysis: Part 1 - A brief overview
1 June 2022 Behaviour management on a busy ward: What's the function?
4 May 2022 Intellectual disability in older persons
6 April 2022 ADHD in intellectual disability
9 March 2022 FASD - why is diagnosis important to us?
9 February 2022 Behavioural phenotypes: Part 1
Research and innovation projects


Key Stakeholder Priorities for the Review and Update of the Australian Guide to Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Qualitative Descriptive Study

Clinical team

Our team is comprised of:

  • Team Leader (Psychologist) Tamara Smith
  • Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Paul White
  • Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Jennifer Galstuch-Leon
  • Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Yasmine Medunic
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant Andrew Webster
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant Alan White
  • Psychiatry Registrar Dr Calina Ouliaris

Contact details

Phone: 07 3271 8803

Fax: 07 3413 5821

Email: smhidsinfo@health.qld.gov.au

The Park – Centre for Mental Health
Corner Ellerton Drive and Wolston Park Road

Postal address:
The Park – Centre for Mental Health
Locked Bag 500