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Ipswich Hospital is the major public health care facility in the West Moreton region, located 40km west of Brisbane.

Ipswich Hospital provides clinical education and training to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

An expansion was completed in 2014 to meet the needs of the growing population in the West Moreton region. Another expansion is currently being planned.


As part of our efforts to manage the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), from 28 March 2020 there will be a limit of 1 visit per patient, per day (maximum 2 visitors) at Ipswich, Boonah, Esk, Gatton and Laidley Hospitals until further notice. This is to comply with a directive issued by the Chief Health Officer.

We understand this is hard, and we know visitors play an important role in a patient’s recovery, but please limit visits as much as possible to keep staff and patients safe.

Technology makes it easy to stay in touch remotely, and we encourage you to stay connected through phone, text, email, social media or video-chat.

In certain situations, 1 person can stay at all times including:

  • carers for children under the age of 18
  • carers for people with a disability
  • partner or support person when the patient is admitted for care related to pregnancy and birthing
  • support person for emergency department or outpatient care appointments
  • special consideration will be made for End-of-life support, please discuss with the patient’s treating team.

**If you have been asked to self-quarantine in the previous 14 days or are unwell, particularly with a fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath, you may not visit the hospital.

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For information about the history of nursing an medicine at Ipswich Hospital, collections and opening times visit the Ipswich Hospital Museum website.

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PO Box 73
Ipswich QLD 4305

Visiting hours
Short stay, emergency, mental health and palliative care:
8am to 8pm

8am to 12pm for family.
3.30pm to 8pm for all other visitors and guests.

Paediatrics (Children’s Sunshine Ward):

8am to 8pm for parents and guardians.
2pm to 5pm for siblings and other visitors.

Intensive care unit and coronary care unit:

These areas are restricted to immediate family and dependent upon the patient’s condition.

Isolation rooms:

Discuss suitable visiting hours with our nursing staff before entering as this will depend on patient's condition. Strict hygiene protocol are to be followed in this area.