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Ipswich Hospital is the major public health care facility in the West Moreton region, located 40km west of Brisbane.

Ipswich Hospital provides clinical education and training to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

An expansion was completed in 2014 to meet the needs of the growing population in the West Moreton region. Another expansion is currently being planned.


As of 25 September 2020, up to two visitors can see a patient in Ipswich Hospital at any one time, for any length of time, within visiting hours. Visiting hours are currently 10am–1pm and 4pm–8pm. 


You can visit a patient with one other person, for example if:

  • you are providing general care and support to a patient
  • you are supporting a child and you are the child’s parent, guardian or carer
  • you are visiting a person with a disability and you are the person’s carer or a support person
  • you are supporting someone who needs to go to the emergency department or an outpatient care appointment
  • you are supporting someone who is pregnant, in labour or visiting after birth.


You can visit with more than one other person if:

  • you are providing end-of-life support for a patient.


You must NOT visit if:

  • you have been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • you have returned from overseas in the last 14 days
  • you have been asked to self-quarantine
  • you have had contact with a person with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • you have a fever (37.5 degrees or more) or a cough, runny nose, sore throat, breathing difficulties, loss of taste and/or loss of smell.

* Note: All visitors, staff and patients (including outpatients) at West Moreton hospitals are required to wear PPE. You will be provided with a mask that you must wear at all times throughout your visit to the hospital. Read more here.  

** Also, for the purpose of contact tracing, all visitors, staff and patients at West Moreton Hospitals will be asked to sign in at the entrance to the hospital and on arrival to each area and ward. Please be patient while we work to protect you and your loved ones. 

Each of our health facilities has different visiting times. It is recommended that you contact the hospital directly to confirm their visitation rules and visiting hours, before leaving home.

We ask visitors to be considerate of the needs and privacy of all other patients. Visitors are also asked to please not use patient bathrooms.

Your relatives and friends are requested not to visit if they have a cold or flu, vomiting and/or other infections, because of the risk of introducing infection to the ward.

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For information about the history of nursing an medicine at Ipswich Hospital, collections and opening times visit the Ipswich Hospital Museum website.

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Visiting hours
Short stay, emergency, mental health and palliative care:
10am-1pm and 4-8pm
Because of COVID-19 restrictions, our visiting hours daily are 10am-1pm and 4-8pm
Paediatrics (Children’s Sunshine Ward):
Because of COVID-19 restrictions, our visiting hours daily are 10am-1pm and 4-8pm
Intensive care unit and coronary care unit:

These areas are restricted to immediate family and dependent upon the patient’s condition.

Isolation rooms:

Discuss suitable visiting hours with our nursing staff before entering as this will depend on patient's condition. Strict hygiene protocol are to be followed in this area.