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Transport and parking


Park and RideThere are various means to get to and from our health facilities including a Park&Ride shuttle service for Ipswich Hospital and Ipswich Health Plaza.

How can I get to Ipswich Hospital?

Ipswich Hospital has two main entrances and an emergency entrance:

East street entrance

  East Street (main) entrance
  East Street, Ipswich

  Click here to view on google maps

Chelmsford street entrance

  Chelmsford Street entrance
  Chelmsford Street, Ipswich 


Download Ipswich Hospital Map to find your way from the taxi rank, public bus stop, two public carparks and two shuttle bus drop off and pick up points.

What are the public transport options?

For assistance in planning public transportation contact 13 12 20 or visit

A CODI phone is located at the Chelmsford Avenue main entrance on level 6. For more information visit

Is patient transport available?

As a patient at our facilities there are some important things you need to know about your travel from hospital. Please refer to the Patient travel information checklist (PDF) for detailed information.

Other options

If you require assistance with transport home please discuss this with your nurse.

Is travel assistance available?

The Queensland Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme provides financial assistance for travel and accommodation to eligible patients and in some cases their escorts, who need to access specialist services that are not available within their local area.

For more information contact your local healthcare team or visit

Do I have to pay for parking?

Ipswich Hospital Foundation operates three car parks (including disabled parking) for West Moreton Health:

  • P1: a covered, multi-story carpark located opposite the main entrance of Ipswich Hospital, Chelmsford avenue

  • P2: a covered, multi-story carpark located opposite the main entrance of Ipswich Hospital, Chelmsford avenue

  • P3: a covered, multi-story carpark located above Ipswich Health Plaza and Ipswich Central Train Station, Bell street 

Casual parking rates are $3.00 per hour or part thereof for a $21 a day maximum.

Opening an account with Ipswich Hospital Foundation allows for $5 per day parking.

For more information visit

Ipswich City Council provides limited 'Pay and Display' on-street parking around Ipswich Hospital and Ipswich Health Plaza at $1.20 per hour.

Is concessional parking available?

We have a concessional parking arrangement for eligible patients, carers and their families when attending Ipswich Hospital and Ipswich Health Plaza.

Application forms are available from the Volunteers Desk at the following locations:

  • Main Entry (Ward Block Entry), Chelmsford avenue
  • East Street entrance (Tower Block Entry), East street

For the application form download
Concessional parking form application

For more information download
Concessional parking fact sheet

For policy information download
Concession car parking policy


Is free parking or a shuttle bus available in Ipswich?

Ipswich Hospital provides a FREE 'Park & Ride' shuttle service for staff, patient and visitors.

Staff, patients and visitors can park for FREE at:

  • Limestone Park
  • Deebing Street (water tower)

Park & Ride operates
Monday – Friday
6.20am to 11.15pm (excluding Queensland public holidays)

Timetable and Park&Ride Information

Park and Ride timetablePark and Ride locationsPark and Ride map