Specialist outpatient department referrals

Send referrals to

Secure messaging:

Secure web transfer IQ43050005G

HealthLink EDI: qldipswc

Priority Fax for urgent category 1 referrals:  
3413 7277

General Fax: 
3810 1438

Outpatients Referrals Centre 
PO Box 73, Ipswich 
Queensland, 4305 

Patient Enquiries: 
3810 1217 

GP/Specialist Referral Enquiry: 
3810 1869 or 3810 1858 

Named referrals

To send a named referral, please use the WMH Referral Template, select the speciality and the corresponding doctor’s name for that speciality. Otherwise, please address the referral to the Director of Speciality and include the Director's name.

From July 1 2017 Commonwealth growth funding has been capped. This changes how WMHS can fund its growth as an organisation. Named referrals from GP’s help support hospital funding through a Medicare bulk-billing arrangement. The new federal funding model incorporates specific pricing for patients which removes concerns around ‘double dipping'. This benefits hospital and patient services.


GP access to 'The Viewer'

GPs now have secure online access to patient healthcare information from Queensland public hospitals. 

More information and registration

GP Smart Referrals

GP Smart Referrals allow GPs to submit and track referrals to West Moreton Health via their practice software.

GP Smart Referrals page

Health Provider Portal

Queensland GPs will have secure online access to patient healthcare information from Queensland’s public hospitals. This access will bridge the information gap between Queensland GPs and public hospitals to help ensure patients receive consistent, timely and better coordinated care.

Access the Health Provider Portal

Postcode / suburb search tool

Use this tool to determine the relevant health service for your patient, based on their residential address suburb.

Postcode search tool

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