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12 November 2019
Phillip Warburton knew straight away that he was in trouble.
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09 November 2019
A critical piece of equipment for Ipswich Hospital's new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Suite arrived early on Saturday morning.
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04 November 2019
A West Moreton Health researcher has been recognised globally for his ground-breaking research into factors which could eventually prevent ...
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28 October 2019
A simple vaccination can save you from a serious illness.
Caring Better Together Awards 2019 winners
09 October 2019
The West Moreton community is in safe hands thanks to the local health champions who go the extra step to deliver quality care. Earlier this month ...
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02 October 2019
People with chronic health issues are taking control of their wellbeing and avoiding unnecessary trips to hospital, thanks to West Moreton Health's ...
Ipswich Hospital MRI
29 July 2019
As part of the $125.4 million Stage 1A of the Master Plan, work is currently underway at Ipswich Hospital to install a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging ...
Welcome Baby to Community
23 July 2019
Up to forty Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies took part in West Moreton Health’s first Welcome Baby to Community ceremony, today at 11am ...
Connie Goodwin is part of the Deadly Steps Together Program
22 July 2019
A new health and wellness program crafted specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people has West Moreton men and women taking ‘deadly ...
A new Sepsis Diagnostic tool is in use at Ipswich Hospital
03 July 2019
The West Moreton community will see faster diagnosis and treatment for one of the world’s most aggressive conditions thanks to a newly introduced tool ...
Bowel Cancer Awareness
27 June 2019
ometimes you have to see it to believe it, so West Moreton Health is putting on show the important reasons men and women should have their bowels ...
West Moreton Health Cardiac Gym
20 June 2019
There are more than 9000 reasons to walk, cycle and jog your way to good health at West Moreton Health’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Gym.
West Moreton Health Nurse Navigators
04 June 2019
An exciting new announcement means West Moreton Health’s Nurse Navigators are here to stay, meaning a smoother journey for patients.
Free dental care for children
14 April 2019
West Moreton parents have something extra to smile about - their children's dental appointments with West Moreton Health are free.
Playtime child development
04 April 2019
Playtime – it might not sound as important as homework or chores but it is at the top of the list when it comes to child development, and the main ...
New midwives support local mums through pregnancy
22 March 2019
West Moreton Health has expanded its maternity services to allow more women to be supported by the same midwife throughout their pregnancy.
Allied Health Graduate Program
04 March 2019
A new training program is helping West Moreton Health grow its specialist mental health workforce to support the community.
Dr Michael Gordon with a newborn baby
26 February 2019
“Call Dr Gordon.’’ It’s a familiar instruction that has been voiced by nurses, midwives and doctors at Ipswich Hospital over the past four decades ...
Mr Joseph Marchisella
18 February 2019
Joseph ‘Joe’ Marchisella has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 35 years and today became the first person in Queensland to be fitted with what is ...
West Moreton Health social workers Sara Ellis, Catherine Stanbrook and Lynette Kindt during a team briefing in Townsville.
13 February 2019
West Moreton Health has answered a call for help from their north Queensland colleagues in the wake of the devastating flood event.
Partnership to support young mums
11 February 2019
A new education, health and life-skills program is helping West Moreton teen parents realise their potential.
Nurse Practitioner Coral Niesler
31 January 2019
In a first for the West Moreton Health catchment, a comprehensive care guide that assists registered nurses and personal care staff to recognise ...
RAAF puppies
24 January 2019
A new litter of Air Force puppies who will soon start training to become Military Working Dogs won the hearts of young patients and staff at Ipswich ...
Medical interns
15 January 2019
Thirty-five interns have started the next stage of their medical careers at Ipswich Hospital.
14 January 2019
Expert advice and reassurance is just a text message away for Ipswich dads-to-be preparing to navigate one of life’s great adventures – parenthood ...
08 January 2019
A measles alert has been issued after a female visited parts of Brisbane and Ipswich while unknowingly infectious. Queensland Health was notified of ...