Working in health gave Vicky her voice to seek endometriosis treatment

Vicky BatesVicky Bates spent 23 years searching for answers to her abdomen pain from doctors before her endometriosis was confirmed via complex surgery. 

The West Moreton Health Patient Safety and Quality Officer is sharing her personal journey with chronic condition endometriosis to shed light on the challenges faced by nearly 1 million Australian women.

​Her diagnosis came in 2020 following surgery to remove endometriosis from her abdomen and pelvic area.

“I also had a bowel resection as part of that because the surgeons found the endometriosis had grown completely into my bowel,” she said.

Ms Bates spent a week in hospital and six weeks on leave following the complex surgery.

She credits her understanding colleagues and leadership team, and supportive family, for helping her recovery.

Ms Bates symptoms began at 13 when she started experiencing severe abdomen pain.

She said her career in health, which began nearly a decade ago, changed her outlook and led to the realisation that she could better advocate for herself.

“Really that was when I was able to get the answers I needed,” she said.

She said the pain and daily challenges faced by those living with endometriosis were becoming more known as awareness of the condition increased.

“If I think back 10 years ago I can see how much had changed in the understanding of endometriosis,” she said.

“I’m now in a position to support other people when I know that they’re struggling and that one avenue may not work for everyone.”

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, with resources online at