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Specialist outpatient services

An outpatient is a patient who comes to hospital for treatment but does not stay overnight. Outpatient services are found throughout Ipswich Hospital and at the Ipswich Health Plaza.


The Specialist Outpatient Department (SOPD) at Ipswich Hospital is operating as normal. If you have a scheduled outpatient appointment you should attend this appointment. Patients who have scheduled appointments that are clinically suitable to be conducted via telehealth or telephone will be contacted by the SOPD team to provide details for this telehealth/phone appointment.

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 on the day of your appointment, or if you have been asked to self-quarantine in the previous 14 days, please do not attend your appointment. Please phone 3810 1217 to reschedule your appointment.

At times, in order to manage the spread of COVID-19, visitors may not be permitted at our facilities. See our Visitors page for current information.

Need a new appointment?

To be placed on the appointment waiting list, your health professional / GP must submit a referral. The information on the referral describes the urgency for an appointment, determining where you will be placed on the wait list. Make sure you continue to see your health professional / GP during this time if needed. 

Haven’t received a letter?

If after three weeks you haven’t received information that you have been placed on the waiting list, contact your health professional / GP, or contact us to find out more information.

Appointment no longer needed?

Contact Outpatients on
3810 1217 or

Received a letter asking if you still want an appointment?

We need to know that your position on the waiting list is still needed. If you receive letter with a reply-paid envelope, please complete and return using the pre-paid envelope. This will help us to see more patients quicker.

Didn’t attend your appointment?

You may be removed from the waiting list if you don’t attend your appointment or cancel too many times. Your GP will be told of your removal. If you would like to go back onto the waiting list, you will need to get another referral from your GP.

Mater Private Hospital agreement

West Moreton Health has a service agreement that involves sending patients from the outpatient waiting list to Mater Private Hospital Springfield (MPHS) to reduce wait times for patients. The patient must meet the criteria. This service cannot be requested.

Waiting on the day of your appointment

We do our best to see patients at their appointed time, however there are sometimes delays that are beyond our control. It is a good idea to bring water, snacks and entertainment, such as a book or iPad (we have free WIFI), as the waiting time can be up to two hours.