Group bookings ease mammogram nerves

A good bra is not the only support a woman might need for their breastscreen appointment. 

Staff at BreastScreen Ipswich encourage women to make group bookings with their friends if the thought of a mammogram makes them nervous. 

BreastScreen Ipswich Nurse Unit Manager Amanda Lewis said some women become anxious when their next screen was due and having friends with them was a confidence-booster. 

“All breast screens are conducted by female health professionals, and they will explain the process and support you every step of the way,” Ms Lewis said. 

“By having a breast screen, you can feel good about prioritising your health and doing something for you.  

“If you come as a group, it means you have helped and supported your friends to do something for their health too. It is also a chance to catch up over a coffee when your appointment is over.” 

Ms Lewis said regular breast screens were the best way to detect abnormalities at an early stage. 

Breast screens are free, and strongly recommended every two years, for women aged 50-74. About 80% of breast cancers occur in women over 50.  

Women aged 40-49 and 74+ are also eligible to receive a free breast screen. Women in these age groups are encouraged to talk to their doctor to find out if breast screening is right for them. 

Breast screening is not effective for women under 40 and the risk of breast cancer in this group is very low. 

A mobile BreastScreen van will be at Ipswich Hospital, in the East Street carpark, until tomorrow. A second van will be at Riverlink Shopping Centre until Friday 12 November. 

A permanent screening facility is at Ipswich Health Plaza, Lower Ground Floor, 21 Bell Street, Ipswich. 

To book an appointment, phone 13 20 50 or visit For more information on West Moreton Health breast screening services, visit