Jaghu maternity program creates lifelong positive outcomes

Cindy Tyson is passionate about pregnancy and post-natal health services for Indigenous women, knowing that the support she provides creates lifelong positive outcomes for mums, their jarjums and families.

Ms Tyson is a graduate midwife in the West Moreton Health Jaghu midwifery program. The program is searching for a clinical midwife to join the team, which provides holistic care in the community.

The Jaghu program provides woman-centred, family-orientated health services in a culturally safe and responsive way.

The program is co-designed with community to provide care for the important first 1000 days of life.

Ms Tyson said the positive outcomes she had seen when supporting pregnant Indigenous women and their babies showed how tailored support could make the healthcare journey a positive experience.

“We are continuing to recruit and build the First Nations workforce at West Moreton Health, but it’s no secret there are not enough Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander midwives and nurses graduating each year across the country,” she said.

Ms Tyson graduated from Griffith University at 50 and encouraged others to consider a career in health.

She said midwifery and pregnancy support for Indigenous women could take many forms, and was supported by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health team and advanced health workers.

“It is so important that we work to provide care that supports the physical needs of expectant women, as well as advice and advocacy to ensure mums stay connected with the health system from pregnancy onwards.

“This could be families in isolated or rural areas who need additional support to travel or be away from community, helping them understand what is happening if their baby needs special care, or if unplanned birthing interventions need to take place.”

Ms Tyson said every mother’s pregnancy and birth journey was unique, and providing reassurance in navigating their healthcare journey created the best outcomes for mums, especially when community ties were created. It could be support with housing or providing links to child health services.

“Some mothers only have past experience of relatives to go on, and we need to provide education about what has changed, and what they can expect, and provide education and prevention services, including vaccination.”

More information about the West Moreton Health Jaghu maternity program vacant roles are available here: