Talented nursing and midwifery graduates join West Moreton Health

Connect. respect. excel. West Moreton Health’s values and what graduate nurses and midwives will be injecting into the health service when they commence their rounds next week.

Ms Podolak is fulfilling her dream as one of 89 nursing and midwifery graduates to start their rounds at West Moreton Health on 20 February.Midwife Krisy Podolak and her three children

After birthing three babies, and experiencing loss and fertility issues, the 39-year-old returned to university in 2017 when her oldest child was four years old.

She completed her Bachelor of Nursing and immediately returned to complete her Bachelor of Midwifery, as she knew midwifery was the career path for her.  

“I was born at Ipswich Hospital and still live in Ipswich, so I feel privileged to be able to help other local families,” Ms Podolak said.

“Midwifery is about more than just the birthing experience. It’s providing care to families during the pregnancy, at the birth and after the baby is born.

“I want to contribute to making the pregnancy and birthing experience for women and families a positively memorable one, from the beginning through until after the birth,” Ms Podolak said.

Over the next year, Ms Podolak will complete three-month rotations in the birth suite, antenatal care, maternity and special care nursery.

This year’s nursing and midwifery graduates will take roles across West Moreton Health sites, including rural hospitals, various departments at Ipswich Hospital, prison health and mental health services.

Executive Director Nursing and Midwifery Karyn Ehren congratulated the graduates on their appointment and welcomed them to West Moreton Health.

“I look forward to watching the new cohort of nurses and midwives grow, develop and put all of their learning into practice while providing quality care to patients,” Ms Ehren said.

“We have supportive, experienced mentors working with our nursing graduates and we are thrilled to see 90 per cent of last year’s graduates continue their careers with West Moreton Health.”

Twenty-three allied health staff will also join the health service by the end of February in new graduate, intern and early career positions.   

These positions span a range of disciplines across West Moreton Health.

The West Moreton region continues to experience huge growth and, with the area’s population set to double by 2036, it is important to have staff ready today, tomorrow and into the future.