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Plans and strategies

Strategic plan

West Moreton’s Strategic Plan 2017-21 describes how we will serve our community over the next four years. It outlines our vision, purpose, principles, priorities and enablers.


Strategic Action Plan

West Moreton’s Strategic Action Plan provides an overview of the actions to be undertaken that contribute to fulfilling our strategic priorities. A Strategic Action Plan is under development for West Moreton’s Strategic Plan 2017-21 and will be published following completion.

For More information about the development of the Strategic Action Plan please contact the Planning Team at

Clinical education and learning strategy

West Moreton’s Clinical Education and Strategy 2015-20 will guide us toward our vision of embedding a culture of lifelong learning that enables our team to deliver safe, effective, patient- and family-centred care.


Quality improvement strategy

West Moreton's Quality Improvement Strategy 2015-20 provides the health services clinical governance framework to assist hardwire a quality improvement approach to our everyday work.


Research and innovation strategy

West Moreton seeks to support clinicians to be active contributors in improving the way they provide care to our community through research and evidence-based practice.


Patient feedback strategy

West Moreton is committed to continuously improving how patient-centred care as reflected in the Strategic Plan.


Consumer engagement strategy

The Consumer Engagement Strategy 2018-21 outlines the way in which we work collaboratively with our community. We aim to build strong and effective partnerships within our diverse community, facilitate active participation in healthcare planning and design, service delivery and evaluation and improve health and well-being for all people in our community.


Engagement and partner strategy

The West Moreton Health Engagement and Partner Strategy 2018-2019 outlines the strategic intent, brand positioning and communications objectives for our target audiences and partners.


Last updated: Monday, October 15, 2018