Award recognises Ipswich Hospital stroke care

Ipswich Hospital has been recognised nationally for the high standard of care it provides to people experiencing stroke.

The hospital received a Distinction at the Quality Stroke Service Awards, presented by the Australian Stroke Coalition, at a recent ceremony in Melbourne.

Strokes occur when a blocked or burst artery prevents blood getting to a person's brain. This can cause brain cells to die due to a lack of oxygen and nutrients.

A rapid response is vital to the patient's recovery.

Ipswich Hospital Clinical Nurse Consultant Linda Edwards said the award was based on the hospital's performance data – including response rates, pharmaceutical care, discharge plans, and care provision –held by the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry.

"This award shows that it is not only about getting patients into the right bed to get the right care, it is about discharging them with the right care in place to reduce the risk of further strokes," Ms Edwards said.

"It also recognises the good communication strategies that need to be put in place, including a discharge plan to remind patients of what occurred in hospital, and information about the risk factors for stroke."

The round-the-clock stroke service at Ipswich Hospital ensures patients no longer need to be taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital for care.

"We have a stroke unit in the rehabilitation ward so people can receive their acute care and rehabilitation in the same place at the same time,” Ms Edwards said.

The Ipswich Hospital stroke team is always looking for ways to improve its response times and took part in code stroke simulation training in December.

West Moreton Health teams worked with consumer representatives, Queensland Ambulance Service and health education provider Angels Initiative to identify potential challenges to providing care for stroke patients on their journey from home to the Ipswich Hospital Emergency Department.

West Moreton Health Chief Executive Hannah Bloch said being recognised with a national award highlighted the stroke team’s dedication to care.

“Rapid response is key to caring for stroke patients and our teams work hard to provide the right care, in the right place at the right time," Ms Bloch said.

"This award reflects the team’s commitment to our community and is richly deserved.”