Rosina regains independence

“Trinity gave me my legs.”

There were a few tears when Rosina Finlayson described the moment she regained her independence with the use of some bright pink wheels and the help of Ipswich Hospital Occupational Therapist Trinity Routledge.

“For a long time I was stuck in a bed. I would imagine what it was like to walk in the hospital corridor or look out the window,” Rosina said.

“Trinity showed me how to use the chair and, as soon as I got into it, I said ‘I’ve got my legs’.”

Rosina FinlaysonRosina is unable to walk after three surgeries on her knee for osteo arthritis were complicated by a stroke that occurred 30 years ago. The stroke also left her with limited mobility in one arm.

However, she was determined to regain her independence and Trinity was able to source a one-handed wheelchair to help get Rosina moving again.

“Rosie really valued her independence and we helped her practise using one arm to move the chair,” Trinity said.

“Originally she had a learners (L plate) but she is on her opens now.”

Rosina moves the wheelchair by pushing a lever up and down with her arm. Trinity helped Rosina build her motor skills to be able to operate and manouevre the chair.

Now managing to move around people and objects, Rosina has built up her speed. To highlight her road to recovery, the Ward 5F team at Ipswich Hospital created a race chart to keep track of her time trials and personal bests.

Rosina FinlaysonHowever, the checkered flag has been waved on Rosina’s 217-day stint at Ipswich Hospital with the long-term resident leaving this week for assisted accommodation at Brassall.

The Ward 5F team made sure Rosina left the hospital in style, adding pink straps to the wheel spokes.

Rosina said she was grateful to everyone at Ipswich Hospital for their support.

“When the doctors told me I would not be able to walk I was in tears and it took a long time to get over it. However the nurses here have been so good,” she said.

They helped me emotionally, comforted me and talked to me. I am really grateful.”

Occupational Therapists play a vital role in helping people regain independence and to engage meaningfully in their communities.

Congratulations to our dedicated team this Occupational Therapy Week and all the best to Rosina on her future.