Jaghu launches child health clinics

Little Kyneisha had a sneak peek at the new child health clinics soon to be offered by West Moreton Health’s Jaghu Maternal and Infant Program.

Jaghu child health
Social and Wellbeing Officer Lowana Walker with Kyneisha.

Starting on Tuesday, 30 January, the Jaghu Child Health Clinic will provide:

  • Growth assessments
  • Infant nutrition information
  • Developmental checks
  • Support for parents and families to improve health literacy in early childhood development
  • Early identification and referral to specialists and allied health services as required
  • Links to local community services and events

Jaghu Child Health Nurse Roxanne Downey said each one-hour appointment was with a child health nurse or an Aboriginal Health Worker.

“We provide support and family-led care with a culturally safe approach for infants, families and carers,” Roxanne said.

“A healthy start to life establishes the building blocks for good health and the capacity for children to achieve their full potential.”

The Jaghu Child Health Clinic will be available for appointments from 8.30am to 3pm, at Bremer Medical Centre, Building F, 11 Salisbury Rd, Ipswich.

To make an appointment, phone 0458 449 990.