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The purpose of health research is to generate new knowledge to contribute to improving services and outcomes for service users, while developing, improving and promoting best practice for service providers. When translated into practice, the body of evidence formed collectively by quality research studies helps inform practice, through the development and implementation of evidence based policies and procedures.

Key challenges for WMHHS continue to be the development of a focused research and learning agenda that will provide the skills and knowledge to identify and meet the community's healthcare needs.

Research can be investigator-driven at a single WMHHS site, or part of a larger state, national or international study sponsored by a university, charitable organisations/foundations, other hospital and health service or pharmaceutical company. The National Health and Medical Research Council and the aforementioned organisations often fund research. Some research studies, such as those conducted by students as part of a Masters or PhD, are often self-funded by the individual student.

In 2013-2014 research was conducted at Ipswich Hospital and The Park — Centre for Mental Health, Treatment, Research and Education (encompassing the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research and the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning). The current stages of these studies vary with some still actively recruiting participants and others in the process of analysing the data and preparing findings for publication.


Researchers within WMHHS come from a variety of disciplines, including nursing, medical and allied health. Some of the current active research specialities include stroke, cardiology, physiotherapy, paediatrics, respiratory, orthopaedics, general surgery, audiology, pharmacy, occupational therapy, podiatry, mental health, diabetes, nursing education and nursing service delivery.

Research and innovation strategy

West Moreton seeks to support clinicians to be active contributors in improving the way they provide care to our community through research and evidence-based practice.




Last updated: Tuesday, May 8, 2018


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Alison Bowers
Research Ethics and Governance Officer
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Sharleen Young
Acting Research Ethics and Governance Officer
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Tom Meehan
Chairperson Human Research Ethics Committee