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Lifting the lid on the death taboo

Palliative care is not about death and dying. It affects how you live. Read more.

Mental health researcher lands prestigious award

The days that Associate Professor James Scott savours most are the ones where he can see how his research is making a real and profound difference to the lives of people in his care. Read more.

World No Tobacco Day: say ‘yes’ to a brighter future

The man at the helm of Ipswich Hospital is not simply reading from a script when he urges people to seriously consider quitting smoking. Read more.

MeCare inspires new wave in health innovations

A program led from the heart of Ipswich was on show at a national conference showcasing the latest and greatest in virtual health innovations. Read more.

Getting your ticker back to tip-top shape after a heart event

Dale O’Connell was given a life-saving ultimatum six months ago when a team-mate refused to take the football field with him unless he saw a doctor. Read more.

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